Hidden Red Dead Redemption 2 Scene Hints At Cut Content

Hidden Red Dead Redemption 2 Scene Hints At Cut Content
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Joseph Kime


24th Aug 2022 14:31

You might think we're done with Red Dead Redemption 2 by now, yet as in traditional Rockstar open-world fashion, there's still plenty to be seen.

We've seen it already with GTA V (though we've probably seen every inch of Los Santos five times over now), and it applies to the Western too. The 2018 release is still having its features poked at to this day. And now, one newly discovered scene has revealed that the cowboy caper was almost even bigger than we know it to be now.

What Was Cut From Red Dead Redemption 2?

A new cutscene that wasn't left in the final game has been dug up by YouTuber Kush Qrox. The brie snippet indicates that there's some content that we ended up being stripped from Red Dead Redemption 2.

You may recall a mission given to you in the epilogue to catch a series of fish peppered around the post-game map of Red Dead Redemption. As the areas are inaccessible to Arthur Morgan, it's only once you've assumed the boots of John Marston that you can give the challenge a go. But, it seems that wasn't always the case.

In a new video from the YouTuber, we can see a cutscene of Arthur meeting the man who dishes out the quest, Jeremy Gill. It means that there were plans for Arthur to be able to complete the challenge, and it proves that it was cut content from the game.


What's Next For Red Dead?

Red Dead Arthur Morgan
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As of right now, it's incredibly hard to see a future for Red Dead unless it's in the form of a far-off sequel. Red Dead Online has been left for dead, as GTA Online has taken over Rockstar's priority list. Plus, as the failures of GTA - The Trilogy put plans for a Red Dead Redemption remaster clean into the bin, we might not see more from the series for a very long time.

It's probably safe to assume that we'll get a sequel eventually, but until then, we'll be left in the lurch. Sorry, everyone. For now though, we're left imagining what a non-existent Red Dead DLC that would've let Arthur explore Blackwater and New Austin would look like.

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