Red Dead Redemption 3 'Leaked' By Rockstar

Red Dead Redemption 3 'Leaked' By Rockstar
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Tom Chapman


15th Nov 2021 11:12

Saddle up for more Rockstar rumours, as the latest leaks claim Red Dead Redemption 3 could be on the way. We've often speculated about what could be next for the wilds of the Wild West, and looking at the success of the Grand Theft Auto series, it's clear there's more mileage in the ol' gal yet.

Red Dead Redemption 2 might've been a labour of love that took years to make and became one of the most expensive video games of all time, however, it was worth it in the end. Despite only coming out in 2018 - and being propped up by Red Dead Online - gamers are rightly asking whether there will be another Red Dead Redemption outing.

What Is The Red Dead Redemption 3 Leak?

The scoop comes courtesy of a Rockstar employee's seemingly revelatory CV. Posting on LinkedIn, a Lead AI and Gameplay Programmer claims they've been making an AI vehicle for "RDR3" for several years. It doesn't take a genius to work out "RDR3" is short for Red Dead Redemption 3. It's entirely possible this is a typo, however, the story doesn't end there. 

Others think Rockstar has officially been teasing Red Dead Redemption 3. In a recent interview with investors (via VGC), Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick compared Red Dead to James Bond. Discussing the prospect of the franchise's future Zelnick said, "If it’s really, really great it will keep going. I don’t know if you saw it, I just saw the new Bond film, that was great. And you would like every franchise to be James Bond,

"There are precious few entertainment franchises of any sort that fall into that category, but they do exist. And I think GTA is one of them, I think Red Dead is one of them, NBA is obviously one of them because the game [of basketball] will continue to exist." The stories of Arthur and John are likely over, but the idea of picking up Jack Marston's adventure and heading into a new era has been pitched a million times before.

Is The Red Dead Redemption 3 Leak Real?

Going against the grain, insider videotech_ reminds players that "RDR3" was the internal coding for Red Dead Redemption 2 inside Rockstar HQ. Still, the now-removed LinkedIn post claims work started in 2019 - which would marry up with devs jumping straight into RDR2. If the above is legit, Red Dead Redemption 3 is likely far beyond the concept stage.

Ultimately, Rockstar has its plate full with a rumoured remaster of 2010's Red Dead Redemption. Let's also remember GTA 6 is presumably out there somewhere. Red Dead Redemption 2 took a LONG time to make, so even if we're on the money with the RD3 news, don't expect to see it for a number of years.


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