Red Dead Redemption port has nice surprise for PS4 players

Red Dead Redemption port has nice surprise for PS4 players
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18th Aug 2023 12:00

Red Dead Redemption is finally making a comeback, even though it's been fairly easy for most players to access it for some time. Still, you'll get a different answer from different console fanatics as to whether the new port of Red Dead Redemption and its zombie-slaying Undead Nightmare DLC is a good thing.

Those on Xbox and PC won't see the point, as they can bag the game easily anyway, but those on Switch and PlayStation have been missing out. Nobody disagrees that $50/£40 is one hell of a price to pay for a game from yesteryear, but even so, many are willing to shell out for it.

For those picking up the Red Dead Redemption port on PlayStation 4, you could yet be in for a treat - or an absolute horror, depending on how you look at it.

Red Dead Redemption will have an easier platinum on PlayStation

A villager stumbles in fear in Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare.
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This one goes out to all of you completionists. The full list of trophies for the new Red Dead Redemption port has appeared on the trophy-tracker site PSNProfiles. It reveals that (thankfully) one of the most brutal trophies that the game has to offer has been axed.

Both the "Smoke that Skinwagon" and "Kingpin" trophies have been axed from Undead Nightmare and for good reason. The pair ask you to survive until wave 15 of the Undead Overrun mode and kill eight unique players in Land Grab while in multiplayer Free Roam.

Though it might seem that the game is shrinking on its content with such removals, the first trophy is horrendously difficult in the original game, while the second is a bit of a slog for players given that the Free Roam mode of Red Dead Redemption is pretty barebones.

Is the Red Dead Port actually any good?

A horde of zombies in Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare.
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The gaming industry has finally had a look at the Red Dead port itself, and the general consensus is - it's Red Dead Redemption. Still, the rereleased version of the 2010 game has quickly soared to the top of the charts on the PlayStation Store.

It's hard to expect much more than what we've been offered by Rockstar Games so far, but as it stands right now, it seems to be a slightly amped-up version of the game that players can get their hands on on the Xbox store. This might be a bit of an underwhelming reveal, but then again, what else could we have expected? 

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