Rockstar Reportedly Cans GTA 4 And Red Dead Remakes

Rockstar Reportedly Cans GTA 4 And Red Dead Remakes
Rockstar Games

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Tom Chapman


5th Jul 2022 09:23

It's a story that will haunt Rockstar Games until it's just yet another developer that slips into the abyss (not that we think that'll happen for eons). While Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition was pitched as one for the ages as it repacked GTA IIIVice City, and San Andreas for a new generation and stuck a bow on the top, it ended up being a failure of Cyberpunk 2077 proportions.

Now that refunds and the dust have settled on the GTA Trilogy, Rockstar is presumably trying to put Grove Street Games' maligned remake behind it. Sadly, it sounds like there was a knock-on effect, as the grim spectre of the GTA Trilogy could've also nixed plans for remasters of Grand Theft Auto 4 and Red Dead Redemption.

Did Rockstar Can The GTA 4 And Red Dead Redemption Remasters?

We've heard a lot about remakes of 2008's GTA 4 and 2010's Red Dead Redemption, but sadly, neither has come to fruition. Now, popular GTA and Red Dead leaker Tez2 claims Rockstar was working on remaking these classics "a few years ago," but "chose not to proceed with the projects in mind".

There are no further details on why Rockstar opted not to move forward, but read on for some speculation. Tez2's mind clearly goes where ours has, suggesting that the disastrous launch of the GTA Trilogy was the nail in the coffin for a GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption remake. Fans were obviously frustrated by the situation.

One angry gamer wrote, "So f*****g disappointing, The damage that GSG has wrought all across Rockstar is actually insane, these remakes should’ve gone ahead to compensate for what happened with GTA Trilogy, not canned, I love Rockstar and their developers but their business decisions boggle the mind." Another added, "Maybe if rockstar remastered the trilogy themselves it would've actually been a good release. But no, they hand it to a small mobile development team. For GTA 4 and RD1 remastered, they could just oh idk, do it THEMSELVES and actually make them good."


Are Any Rockstar Games On The Way? 

Some questioned how a release in 2021 could've affected something that was reportedly in the pipeline "years ago," but according to the OP, the GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption remakes were only ever in the planning stages. It's entirely plausible that the financial and commercial panning of the GTA Trilogy led to the demise of future remakes. Well, there go your hopes of giving Bully a fresh lick of paint.

Alongside GTA 6 reportedly being in a state of disarray, there's only a small glimmer of good news for Rockstar right now. Tez2 has also claimed there's a new-gen version of 2019's Red Dead Redemption 2 coming to PS5 and Xbox series at some point in the future... they just don't know when. Unfortunately, when you put your eggs all in a GTA 6-shaped basket, this is what happens.

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