LEGO Red Dead Redemption is the cowboy caper we need to play

LEGO Red Dead Redemption is the cowboy caper we need to play
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Tom Chapman


23rd Oct 2023 15:01

If you're ready for a new take on a rootin', tootin', adventure, LEGO Red Dead Redemption could be the game for you. Rockstar has some legendary franchises under its belt, and while GTA gets most of the limelight, 2010's Red Dead Redemption and its 2018 sequel are rightly held as some of the best games of all time. 

These cowboy capers have shown a different side to the Old West we've seen a million times in the movies, making protagonists John Marston and Arthur Morgan complex and tragic antiheroes. They have LEGO sets for everything these days, and as more and more gaming sets release, could Red Dead LEGO be next?

Red Dead LEGO concept looks brilliant

It used to just be Mario that found himself in brick form, but these days, we've got LEGO sets for everything from Sonic the Hedgehog to Horizon - with an Animal Crossing collab on the way. We're yet to see a LEGO video game based on a video game (that might be a bit weird), but it's still an idea.

Over on Reddit, u/Candid-Revenue-3326 created their own concept for a LEGO Red Dead Redemption II, giving us a blocky Arthur Morgan. Whether as a full-blown LEGO game or simply a Red Dead-inspired set, everyone can agree this would be a fantastic plastic recreation of this world.

There was plenty of love for the build, with one cheering, "If you're going to manufacture this, I'll be first in line to buy it. Well done." Another added, "Imagine it's the game but it's retold with lego game humor." A third simply concluded, "I have a MIGHTY NEED!"

Fans create LEGO Red Dead game

The concept of a LEGO Red Dead is nothing new, with animator Brian Anderson showing off footage for his own LEGO reimagining years ago. Giving us faux gameplay from the fictional title, Anderson's work brings John Marston's tragic story to life, with LEGO versions of Abigail and Jack to accompany him.

We also get to see Arthur's bullet-riddled showdown with Edgar Ross and the U.S. Soldiers - although things then turn into a Westworld parody. Arguably the best part of the concept trailer is the use of the Dead Eye targeting system, putting a LEGO spin on the unique mechanic.

Unfortunately, the chances of actually seeing a LEGO Red Dead game are pretty slim. We've seen iconic franchises like Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones get the LEGO treatment, although it's always kept its family-friendly aesthetic. LEGO veers away from violence, so we don't see any Rockstar title getting a LEGO makeover.

It's similar to the recent concept for a LEGO GTA: San Andreas set. Even though the company accepts fan designs, and some of these make it into production, it's doubtful we'd ever get a LEGO Trevor Philips or Dutch van der Linde. Oh well, back to wishing for a LEGO Zelda set.

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