You’d rather play ‘nothing’ instead of Red Dead Online’s Halloween update

You’d rather play ‘nothing’ instead of Red Dead Online’s Halloween update
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Joseph Kime


12th Oct 2023 16:35

It's sad to see it this way, but Red Dead Online has been neglected for some time now. We've always known that GTA Online has been the real money-maker for Rockstar Games, even at the launch of Red Dead's Western answer to the mode.

Despite the Wild West's online contingent coming later, players soon rode out of town when Rockstar left it to rot, with the developer practically giving up on it in a true bummer for the ages.

Rockstar's neglect of Red Dead Online is truly on display during this time of year, and as the likes of Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone roll out their Halloween spooktaculars. Now, RDO fans have said they'd rather Rockstar didn't bother at all with its own Halloween update.

Rockstar pushes out Red Dead Online's same Halloween event

Rockstar has wheeled out the Halloween event for Red Dead Online, which could be interesting to fans. Unfortunately, it turns out it's used the same event for the spooky season as it did last year...and the year before that.

It seems that the company isn't trying to hide this fact, either, as the announcement of this year's event says that "The Halloween Pass 2 has returned to Red Dead Online," giving the impression that it's wearing this laziness on its sleeves.

Safe to say, those who've stuck with Red Dead Online or who thought they could be tempted back in for some trick-or-treating are royally p*ssed. 

Fans are furious with RDO's lazy event rehash

Typically enraged Red Dead Online players have wasted no time in taking to Twitter to slate the absurdity of the event being wheeled out all over again, and they're truly sick and tired.

One disgruntled gamer said, "R* number 1 at giving players everything they don't want. Number 1 at not listening to players. The 3rd Halloween we've had this pass. It's insulting." Another added, "Sure would be nice to have a new Halloween Pass one day…" A third simply said, "Red dead online is dead bruh."

Someone concluded, "Instead of returning something most of us have already done, how about giving us some new content? The way you ignore what is probably your greatest game is a disgrace. GTA5 is more successful, I know, but it’s also a joke."

It's frustrating that we've been given yet another reason to believe that Rockstar has abandoned the game - but it's clear now more than ever that the company simply doesn't care for Red Dead Online. Another nail in the coffin, eh?

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