GTA RP streamer warns players to get the f**k out of NoPixel

GTA RP streamer warns players to get the f**k out of NoPixel
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Joseph Kime


4th May 2023 14:45

GTA RP has been massively popular, ever since the biggest streamers got involved with the pastime, and for many, it's the best thing that ever happened to the game. But, as with any major game that gets picked up by streamers, there's drama to be found too.

Using the world of Los Santos as a playground for players to build their own online worlds and characters, living vicariously through them, and getting a few laughs out of them along the way, fans have loved this manhandling of GTA for a while.

Now, one streamer has urged fans to disconnect from a server before the s**t hits the fan. Suddenly playing a crooked cop or drug-peddling suburban housewife might've lost its appeal.

Penta urges fans to 'get the f**k out' of NoPixel

Streamer Penta has made a name for himself playing GTA RP, especially on the NoPixel server that features a wealth of popular content creators. He's offered his viewers a message of warning, as it appears toxicity and drama are amping up on the server.

"The drama hasn't even started yet," he said in a recent stream. "Dude... if you play on NoPixel, and if you are involved in NoPixel, you need to get the f**k out! Please! Please, please, please, please! Get the f**k out! That is just me. That is me."

Penta isn't alone in his worries, as Reddit user u/JunoMatsu added, "Let that cesspool of toxicity burn to the ground. I quit watching GTARP because of the toxicity OOC. Now that many great RP-ers have moved, I might actually watch them again."

Penta's post went viral on the Livestream Fails Reddit, with others chiming in with their own thoughts. Someone else added, "I was never really interested in rp or its drama, but a feast was promised and I am famished." The thread is full of plenty of speculation is about what's going on, but we won't spread rumours here.

Penta wants to protect the GTA RP community

Sodapoppin GTA RP Server
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Explaining his outburst, Penta added that he's asking people to keep their distance from the server in order to look after its community, as it appears that the overall consensus on NoPixel as a server is that it's getting more toxic by the day.

"I just care about the community. You need to f**king go! And people are like, 'Oh, this competition is a good thing.' No! Burn it to the ground, dog. Like, no! F**k NoPixel..." Following one GTA RP server being shut down over anti-LGBTQ+ messages, the drama continues. 

It's a lot of trouble to be led by a mere RP server, and perhaps it'll have ramifications that echo throughout the RP mod's community. Either way, Penta has made his thoughts pretty clear.

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