GTA 6 Apparently Returning To Vice City - And Will Add More Cities

GTA 6 Apparently Returning To Vice City - And Will Add More Cities
Rockstar Games

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Tom Chapman


29th Jul 2022 09:00

It's been a big year for Rockstar Games - well, if you aren't Red Dead RedemptionBully, or any of its other discarded IPs. After the disastrous launch of Grove Street Games' GTA Trilogy, the lauded developer has done a full 180 and put all its eggs in one GTA-shaped basket. 

Coming as no real surprise to anyone, Rockstar finally announced GTA 6, with the tweet becoming the most-liked gaming tweet of all time. Although there's no concrete release date, the last week of July 2022 will forever be known to GTA Week after a Bloomberg report dropped a nuclear bomb of leaks on the industry. 

Alongside reports of a female protagonist, there are whispers of a release somewhere between 2023 and 2024, as well as our first hints at where the game will be set. Away from who will be shooting up the city to climb the ranks of the latest criminal empire, the settings of the GTA games are arguably their biggest pull. By the sounds of it, we could be going back to Vice City.

Is GTA 6 Set In Vice City?

In the Bloomberg dump, there's a small mention of it being set in a fictionalised version of Miami. Why this is important is because the 2002 GTA: Vice City's titular locale was a fictionalised version of Miami. Even though the words Vice City aren't actually dropped, it's clear to see this one is heading. GTA 6 rumours have been doing the rounds for years, but time and time again, we've returned to reports of Vice City.

Whether it's a full-blown sequel to Tommy Vercetti's adventure set in the '90s or a modern interpretation set today, franchise fans have been holding out hope that we'll revisit this neon-splashed metropolis. We've not got full confirmation from Rockstar, but it looks increasingly likely we'll be back dancing in the Malibu Club before long. 


Is GTA 6 Going To Be The Biggest GTA Yet?

The other big takeaway is the mention of additional cities being added over time. Although the mainline GTA games are known for fan-favourite DLC's like GTA IV's The Ballad of Gay Tony, Rockstar has never done a huge post-launch release on a par with adding a whole new city. Even though the massive Project Americas leak mentioned multiple cities - with a possible hub inspired by Rio de Janeiro - many have written it off as an elaborate hoax.

It's obvious Rockstar is going big or going home with this one. There have been previous mentions of multiple cities and an ability to fly between them, and with modern technology featuring no loading screens, it's definitely a possibility. Then again, there are worries that the developer is throwing the kitchen sink at GTA 6 and it could be overkill. Ultimately, GTA 6 is likely to be the biggest game of all time or the biggest blunder of all time. Either way, it'll be one hell of a ride. 

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