Don't Trust The Latest GTA 6 Map Leak

Don't Trust The Latest GTA 6 Map Leak
Rockstar Games

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Tom Chapman


5th May 2022 13:33

Some things never go out of fashion in the gaming world. Mario's overalls, yearly releases for Call of Duty games, people arguing about whether Lara Croft's breasts are the right shape/size in her latest game, and (of course) someone making up a load of old bullsh*t about Grand Theft Auto for the clout. 

While Rockstar Games has finally confirmed those long-held rumours that GTA 6 is in the works, the critically acclaimed developer hasn't given us so much as a teaser trailer for what's to come. Still, with all the year's big gaming events ahead, we're hoping to see something from San Andreas before 2022 is done. 

What's The GTA 6 Map Leak?

When the GTA 6 map leaks, it'll be more than just show off a few new POIs. Namely, it should confirm exactly where the next outing will take place. With continued reports we could be getting a Vice City sequel or return to the famed locale for a modernised version, the map could make or break GTA 6

Posting on Twitter, GTA insider Boco shared the map and said they were doing some research into whether it's the real deal. The map showed off a South America-inspired city, which is something we've heard plenty of times before in that colossal Project Americas leak. Sadly, Boco quickly responded to confirm this map is nothing but an elaborate hoax. 

It turns out that the map is an exact copy of Cali in Columbia. Knowing that Rockstar fictionalises real-life locations instead of delivering exact copies, it's quickly been debunked. After a supposed Vice City map and "proof" its size will be similar to Red Dead Redemption 2, nothing has been made official. Yet, we still continue 


When Will We See The GTA 6 Map?

We don't know where in the world GTA 6 will be set, but the rumour mill is going well into overdrive. Posting on Reddit, u/StikyLizardStudiosYT made their own concept for a Florida map - which shows how easy it is to do. With the likes of Vice City, Florida, and South America cropping up time and again, expect the phony leaks to keep on coming.

You might remember that way before Rockstar revealed Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2018, someone leaked the map ahead of time. Even though the developer tried to downplay the leak, it turned out to be the real deal. Unfortunately, this only makes players more susceptible to fall for leaks like the above. It's back to trawling the internet through a sea of fake GTA 6 maps to look for the real deal.


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