GTA Online 10-year anniversary update leaves players furious

GTA Online 10-year anniversary update leaves players furious
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8th Sep 2023 12:38

It's not every day that a video game gets to celebrate its popularity after 10 years (we're thinking of you Hyper Scape). While GTA Online still has a long way to go until it can match up to Runescape or Final Fantasy XI, an army of players still log in every day to play. 

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has been going from strength to strength since the top-down days of 1997's original. While Vice City and San Andreas get a lot of credit for catapulting the series to where it is today, there's a reason GTA Online helped GTA V become the most profitable entertainment product of all time.

GTA Online 10-year anniversary gets roasted by fans

Part of GTA Online's ongoing success is its ability to refresh and revamp. The introduction of Heists in 2015 was a major turning point, but that was just the start. In 2023 alone, we've had updates like The Last Dose and San Andreas Mercenaries. With 10 years being a major milestone, you might expect a major update. 

Unfortunately, as has become commonplace with Rockstar updates, there are grumbles that GTA Online's 10-year anniversary is another lazy cash cow. Alongside double GTA$ and the return of modes like Hasta La Vista, the GTA Online 10-year anniversary has the debut of the Bravado Hotring Hellfire and "more unnamed features."

10 years of GTA V might sound like the perfect place to give us a long-awaited update on GTA 6, but don't hold your breath. Someone said, "I guarantee the event is gonna have absolutely nothing to do with announcing GTA 6 lol." Another added, "They for sure know how to not celebrate the 10th anniversary of their products."

Earlier this year, the San Andreas Mercenaries update added a new t-shirt, which some thought would be a tease of GTA 6. It turned out to be nothing, and has once again rattled critics. Someone concluded, "Honestly the only thing they will give us is probably just a free t-shirt that says 10 years on it nothing special."

Will we get a new GTA Online? 

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Nothing lasts forever, and after Rockstar unceremoniously pulled the plug on Red Dead Online to focus on GTA 6 and GTA Online, much like how the original Warzone was sunsetted to make way for Warzone 2.0 (which is now the only Warzone), there are fears the GTA Online we've come to know and love is doomed. 

Earlier this year, there was a seemingly major leak that suggested GTA Online 2 will have the same 32-player lobbies as GTAO and RDO. There's not much else to go on, but there are worries if there's a new GTA Online, our progress won't carry over. After 10 years of collecting cars, we'd be bummed if this was the case.

Whatever Rockstar is working on with the GTA Online 10-year anniversary event, you can bet that there will be complaints from all sides. We've learned to expect disappointment, but for once, we could be in for a pleasant surprise and a GTA 6 tease. Then again, we wouldn't bet our Shark Cards on it. 

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