GTA fans demand the ability to keep pet alligators in GTA 6

GTA fans demand the ability to keep pet alligators in GTA 6
Images via Rockstar Games

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Tom Chapman


1st Feb 2024 13:05

It's about time that Grand Theft Auto got with the times, and with GTA Online only just adding animals after a decade of us asking, we also need to know whether the upcoming GTA 6 will let us collect our own menagerie of winged wingmen, scaly sidekicks, and furry friends. 

As the likes of Fallout and The Witcher have shown us, animal companions can make your journey feel a lot less lonely. It's not like Rockstar Game is a stranger to our love of the animal kingdom, although it was over to modders to let us get a canine companion in Red Dead Redemption 2

GTA 6 players demand alligator pets

Alligators are (bizarrely) front and centre of the first GTA 6 trailer, and although we only got 91 seconds of footage, they were prominently featured basking in swimming pools and causing havoc in convenience stores. We're not sure why Rockstar is obsessed with alligators, but we're here for it.

Over on the GTA subreddit, one fan asked, "Do you think it will be possible to have a pet in GTA 6?" The top comment currently says, "I want a pet alligator," and it's getting plenty of support. One joked, "Makes sense, can’t wait to keep an alligator in my bathtub," while another added, "I want an alligator and a tactical ostrich."

Those who've played Far Cry 6 will know you could keep Guapo the Crocodile as an enemy-munching pet, so it's possible. Of course, there are worries GTA will give us another lame companion app like the iFruit App that made us perform menial tasks in Chop the Dog. Then again, any excuse to sell a microtransaction. 

There are animals aplenty in GTA 6

GTA 6 trailer beach scene
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Image via Rockstar Games

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While GTA Online was slow on the uptake, putting animals in the online powerhouse, at least we know GTA 6 will have them there from the start. Heading back to Vice City and exploring the fictionalised Florida Everglades, the first trailer showed off alligators and flamingos.

Other shots included an adorable Chihuahua and Official Poach, which looks like Rockstar's take on PETA as the Protection of Animals and Controlled Hunting. There's a diverse ecosystem here, boasting everything from turtles to dolphins. We just need to know, will you let us keep a tiger shark in a giant tank under Tommy Vercetti's mansion?

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