Even The FBI Is Looking Into The GTA 6 Leak

Even The FBI Is Looking Into The GTA 6 Leak
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21st Sep 2022 10:59

You can tell it's bad when the FBI has to get involved. While THAT massive GTA 6 leak started as a bit of fun for those who were sick of waiting for Rockstar Games to get off its backside and actually give us some news about what's next for Grand Theft Auto, it quickly got pretty ugly. 

Earlier this year, Rockstar officially confirmed it's working on GTA 6, and although the announcement was buried at the bottom of a press release, the tweet went on to become one of the most-liked in the history of entertainment Twitter. Things have gone quiet since then, while fans have been left wading through a sea of real and fake leaks to try and find the genuine article. 

Why Is The FBI Involved In The GTA 6 Leak?

When over 90 GTA 6 videos and screenshots found their way online last weekend, an anonymous leaker claimed they'd gained access to an internal Slack channel and also found information on Uber through the same methods. Now, Uber has posted a blog addressing the issue (via Eurogamer) - confirming the FBI is now involved.

"There are also reports over the weekend that this same actor breached video game maker Rockstar Games," says the Uber blog. "We are in close coordination with the FBI and US Department of Justice on this matter and will continue to support their efforts." Uber thinks the hacker is related to the group known as Lapsus$, which has been linked to recent attacks on Nvidia, Microsoft, and Samsung. 

No matter how tight a developer's security is, we're unable to stop hackers from getting in. You'll remember the huge Capcom leak that spoiled the Resident Evil 4 remake years ahead of time, while CD Projekt Red was also struck by a massive data breach that saw the developer being blackmailed over source codes. That's before we get to the colossal Nvidia leak, which has potentially spoiled 18,000 gaming releases ranging from Injustice 3 to the next BioShockGears of War 6 to Tekken 8


Rockstar Responds To GTA 6 Leak

GTA Police
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Although some originally thought the GTA 6 leak was just another elaborate hoax made for the clout, Rockstar itself has confirmed it's the real deal. The long-held Project Americas leaks seem to be on the money in several aspects - including a playable female protagonist. Elsewhere, those hopes that we'd return to the fan-favourite Vice City have come true. 

Rockstar has said it's "extremely disappointed" in the leaks and reminded us that anything seen is from a very early build. Still, that hasn't stopped disgruntled gamers slamming what they've seen as "lazy." At least we're promised there should be no long-term effect on GTA 6's development, meaning we could be closer to that mythical release date than we first thought. As the FBI gets its snooping caps on, it remains to be seen whether the GTA 6 hacker will get away with one of the biggest gaming leaks of all time. 

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