GTA 6 has reportedly already scrapped its best feature

GTA 6 has reportedly already scrapped its best feature
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Tom Chapman


29th Nov 2023 15:25

Get ready for a new Grand Theft Auto, with the long-awaited GTA 6 finally ready to race into our lives. It's been a decade since we last played a new GTA game, and while GTA Online has kept things fresh with regular updates, we've been dying to know what Rockstar has been cooking up.

With us (hopefully) on the cusp of a full GTA 6 reveal, the years of rumours and whispers will finally be debunked. Are we going back to Vice City, will Lucia be the franchise's first official female protagonist, and will we be able to cross continents? Bizarrely, one of the most popular rumours has been alligators and hurricanes.

GTA 6 might be ditching dynamic weather

Remember back when Battlefield 2042 pitched itself as the next big thing, boasting dynamic weather and destructible skyscrapers? It didn't exactly play out that way, and while DICE's title quickly flopped, there was at least an attempt at having a tornado swallow the map. Apparently, GTA won't have you chasing twisters.

As reported by, the highly-requested and rumoured feature of dynamic weather might've been cut from GTA 6. This comes from noted insider Rockstar Universe, which claims extreme weather was axed during development.

There's no official word on whether this is the case, or why, but Rockstar Universe speculates, "I've heard they wanted hurricanes and tornadoes, as to why they were cut I don't know," adding, "It could be tech limitations, it could be something else."

We expect GTA 6 will push the PS5, Xbox Series, and even the most advanced PCs to their limits, and it's likely a case that rendering in a tornado might cause your console or PC to melt. Then again, with GTA 6 pitching itself as the biggest video game of all time, some of you likely expected a little more.

GTA 6 should still include advanced weather

Just Cause 4 tornado mission
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Even if GTA 6 might be skipping out on a full ecosystem of natural disasters, we're still expecting a pretty advanced weather system akin to Red Dead Redemption 2. We'd question what's going on with GTA 6 if it's being held back by hardware limitations. After all, Just Cause 4 had tornadoes and dramatic weather effects back in 2018.

If dynamic weather has been cut, it clears up another mystery. Not long ago, gamers were arguing over a supposed GTA 6 screenshot that showed Lucia in the midst of a storm. No one was sure if it was the real deal, but if dynamic weather is MIA, it makes it more likely it's a fake.

Remembering how RDR2 made testicles shrink in cold weather, we're hoping GTA 6 will have some form of souped-up weather system. Still, if we're back in Vice City, don't expect too many snowstorms. With the GTA 6 trailer supposedly just around the corner, we'll be looking out for even a hint of dynamic weather. 

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