GTA 6 apparently lands Joe Rogan

GTA 6 apparently lands Joe Rogan
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Joseph Kime


4th Sep 2023 12:45

Grand Theft Auto's success hinges on the collaboration of a lot of little things, as evidenced by the mighty GTA V. We watched as the game perfectly walked the line of stellar car mechanics and over-the-shoulder gunplay that players mastered in moments.

Crucially to so many, GTA V absolutely nailed the satire and bangers of the many, many radio stations that the series boasts so well. The music of the GTA series is pretty important to its experience, and few artists would be caught wanting to be left out of the soundtrack.

You need to remember that radio hosts are just as important in guiding players into the bonkers, bizzare, USA in which the game takes place. Now, it looks like the game has locked down the brashest man in audio to lead the charge, with Joe Rogan potentially coming to GTA 6

Joe Rogan could be heading to GTA Radio

Joe Rogan in the studio for his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.
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Rumours are indicating that former UFC commentator and stand-up comedian Joe Rogan could be about to step up to the plate as the latest voice on GTA radio, and his legions of fans can't wait.

Though you'd think that the man would be perfect for the job of bringing the faux-macho flair to the satirical radio that GTA has nailed, it seems that he's just as satirical as the game needs as he is now. The rumours indicate that full episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast will be ported into the game's radio.

If this is true, it's a pretty out-there addition to the game, as this version of GTA is meant to be pretty absurd and laden with jibes at the current state of America. Maybe Rockstar Games reckon that the podcast is a joke in and of itself. Which is pretty funny, if you ask us.

Fans react to Joe Rogan joining GTA rumours


Fans reckon that Rogan himself would be perfect for playing a version of himself in the new GTA game, but they're not sure that applying his current self to the game makes any sense.

"I see them making fun of him, maybe making a character that's inspired by him," says one Reddit user in the post sharing the rumour in the GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit. "But actually straight up hiring him? I don't think so."

"It'd be an immediate red flag IMO," adds another. "Rogan is the type of guy GTA games parody. Straight up hiring him would be tone deaf and be missing the point of GTA's satire."

It's certainly a compelling situation, and to paste JRE episodes into the game would not only defeat the purpose of their at times biting satire, but also be pretty lazy on Rockstar's part. Rogan fan or not, we're sure we can all agree that we'd rather have French chef Richard Goblin back.

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