Gross Pokemon NPC Sells Berries Made Of Poop

Gross Pokemon NPC Sells Berries Made Of Poop
Images via The Pokemon Company

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Joseph Kime


28th Sep 2022 09:42

Think about it for more than ten seconds, and the NPCs that litter the worlds of Pokemon are incredibly odd. Who are these people, standing around lining the walls of routes, waiting to pounce on passing trainers to force them to engage in what's basically a glorified cock fight?

We've also go to ask, why are they talking to me, a ten-year-old? Why are they giving me all of their money when I kick their ass? Some questions in the Pokemon universe are best left unanswered, and that includes the question of what on Earth one NPC is doing giving away berries that are implied to have an… ahem… secret ingredient.

Pokemon NPC Is Giving Out Poop Berries

A creepy change to one NPC's actions has led players to believe that she's giving away berries that have been grown with Pokemon poop. Cool.

The NPC appears in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, similarly to how she did in the original game. The difference is, she offered players mulch in the 2006 Nintendo DS games, but changes to the remakes have made her deal in something a little stranger.

The berry master's wife once upon a time would make mulch using Pokemon dropping, which in theory makes total sense - but the mulch system was removed from the remakes, with her offering players berries instead. The team neglected to change her dialogue, though, leading her to express how crucial poop is to the process of developing the berries. Ick.


Poop Is Weirdly Present In Pokemon

It's a natural part of life for any animal, but for some reason, hearing about Pokemon poop is an incredibly strange thing - especially when there are Pokedex entries that detail defecations and their uses. One example is that the Pokedex claims that Darumaka has hot droppings, so people carry them around to keep themselves warm.

Elsewhere, the entry for Turtonator explains that its droppings are explosive. Insert low-brow "explosive" joke here. It's weird that Pokemon has this gravitation towards droppings, and weirder still that NPCs are using it to enrich the berries that they shovel into your hands. Talk about a dingleberry.

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