The Last Of Us Series Confirms Secret Roles For OG Voice Actors

The Last Of Us Series Confirms Secret Roles For OG Voice Actors
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5th Dec 2022 11:32

Things are coming into view for HBO's The Last of Us series, as the glossy adaptation of Naughty Dog's game series finally comes to life on the small screen.

It's been nine years since the original The Last of Us reinvented the zombie game genre, and to be honest, we're surprised it took this long to get something off the ground.

While we know Game of Thrones stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are taking the lead as Joel and Ellie, there's also the reveal of who the original The Last of Us voice actors will be playing. 

Who Are Ashley Johnson And Troy Baker In The Last Of Us?

Casting HBO's The Last of Us was no mean feat, and while some lobbied for the likes of Hugh Jackman or fellow Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau to play Joel, Pascal beat the competition. Some would've liked voice actor Troy Baker to play the part, but it wasn't meant to be. 

A more unlikely fit would've been the 39-year-old Ashley Johnson trying to play the 9-year-old Ellie in live action. After all, it's already a bit of a stretch with the 19-year-old Ramsey.

Thankfully, Baker and Johnson will have their time to shine in The Last of Us, with EW confirming what roles they'll be playing in Craig Mazin's adaptation. 

According to the site, Baker is James, a "senior member of a group of settlers who must fight to keep their community alive in the face of increasingly brutal odds." Johnson is reportedly Anna, "a pregnant woman, alone and on the run, who must give birth under the most terrifying of circumstances."

Who Is In The Last Of Us Cast

Both of these characters are brand-new to The Last of Us, so it's hard to tell where their arcs are going. More likely, they're just cameos and are doomed to one of those typically tragic The Last of Us deaths. 

It's already been confirmed we'll be seeing more of life pre-outbreak, while there's also scope for new creations thanks to Yellowjackets' Melanie Lynskey playing a brand-new character too. 

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Gabriel Luna will play Tommy, however, original voice actor Jeffrey Pierce will play a "key" character called Perry. 

Parks and Rec's Nick Offerman and The White Lotus' Murray Barlett star as Bill and Frank, Euphoria's Storm Reid portrays Riley from the Left Behind DLC, and Merle Dandridge reprises her role as Marlene from the game. 

Much like The Super Mario Bros. Movie has "secret cameos" for Charles Martinet, it's refreshing that The Last of Us has found a place for those who first brought Neil Druckmann's twisted tale into our lives. 

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