God Of War Fans Ask Whether Kratos Will Fight Jesus Next

God Of War Fans Ask Whether Kratos Will Fight Jesus Next
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Tom Chapman


30th Sep 2022 10:01

Kratos has faced some tough enemies in his time on Earth and the realms beyond. From Hera to Hades, Medusa to Modi, the Ghost of Sparta has taken out a lot of god and monsters. There are sure to be a lot more in the upcoming God of War Ragnarok, but now, fans have given their idea of who they want to see him tackle.

We're on the cusp of another chapter in the long-running God of War lineage, and although the upcoming Ragnarok will end our time in Norse mythology, no one is buying that Sony Santa Monica is done with the franchise yet. With questions about what mythology we head to next, some want Kratos to fight Jesus.

Could Kratos Fight Jesus In God Of War?

This frankly bizarre notion started doing the rounds on ResetEra after God of War (2018) Director Cory Barlog confirmed Christianity exists in the series' lore. Way back in 2020, Barlog canonised Christianity, and therefore, seemingly added God and Jesus to a roster of potential characters we could see further down the line.

A user called CaptainKashup suggested Christianity is the God of War endgame, meaning conversation soon turned to who he'd be beating up. The Twelve Apostles had better watch out. The OP wrote, "Honestly, the only thing that might go against this is the public backlash that it would get. I doubt some people would handle very well a game where you're fighting Mister Jesus Christ himself." Others soon joined in the debate and put forward their own views.

One joked, "The sooner I can punch Jesus, the better," while another added, "Y'know what ? F**k it, give me the big three in one game. Christianity, Islam and Judaism at the same time, with their realms fighting with each other because the world can't choose between them. Critics weren't so sure, though. Someone else said, "They aren't going to get into Christianity any more than they're going to get into Hinduism (which I know is a popular choice for them to go next). They aren't touching religions that large amounts of people are still involved in, "While another concluded, "At best you'll get a silhouette of Jesus as an after credit. Even that is unlikely."


What Comes After God Of War Ragnarok?

Of course, we'll need to wait and see what happens in God of War Ragnarok. Just like 2018's God of War set the wheels in motion for Ragnarok, we expect at least a stinger of the franchise's future. The big question is whether it will involve Kratos. With Ragnarok seeming so final, it remains to be seen whether future games will include Atreus or father and son on another bonding experience.

We've already championed our own idea for an Atreus-centric game in Chinese mythology, but ultimately, we're not Cory Barlog and Eric Williams. Even though we know Christianity exists in the GoW world, you only have to look at the backlash The Passion of the Christ faced to realise having Kratos or Atreus pummel Jesus' face into mush might not be the best way to sell games. The sceptics are right, tackling a modern-day religion sounds like one way to get yourself cancelled. 

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