Fortnite fans confused by rumoured Final Fantasy collab

Fortnite fans confused by rumoured Final Fantasy collab
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Tom Chapman


6th Mar 2024 10:44

With any luck, we could finally be getting Final Fantasy in Fortnite. While Epic Games' battle royale favourite has had some weird and wonderful crossovers with everything from Ninja to Predator, the NBA to G.I. Joe, it's barely scratched the surface of pop culture potential. 

Chapter 5 Season 1 gave us a brand-new map, and with it, a new crop of colourful collabs to enjoy. Where else in the gaming world can you see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles take on a buff Peter Griffin? As we face the dawn of a new Fortnite day, the data miners have been busy digging up who else is on the way.

Final Fantasy x Fortnite collab could be on the way

Mythology is the name of the game in Chapter 5 Season 2, with the gods and monsters of Greek myths populating the map this time around. We've seen things already get underway with the (delayed) Titan Hand event, and as we build our mosaics, the gods of Mount Olympus are ready to rain down their rage.

Fortnite fans have already been hyping their own dream collabs with the likes of Supergiant Games' Hades and Disney's Hercules, but there could be an unexpected crossover ready to burst free from Pandora's Box. Final Fantasy is one of the most iconic video game franchises out there, so it's about time it was honoured in Fortnite.

According to several leakers, a Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth collab will soon let you swing a Buster Sword. It's unclear whether Final Fantasy would be part of Chapter 5 Season 2, especially as the season already seems pretty packed with a rumoured One Piece crossover and more.

There's an impressive list of upcoming collabs that includes an expected God of War return and other Greek-themed skins including Xena and Kevin Sorbo's Hercules. We've also heard a lot about a Persona bundle, while the Spartans of Halo Wars also makes sense, given the theme of the season.

Fortnite fans confused by rumoured Final Fantasy collab

Final Fantasy 7 remake cast and Aerith
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Image via Square Enix

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We know that Fortnite seasons can run for months, but with the list of these collabs being pretty massive and holding some equally massive IPs, we don't see them all happening in Chapter 5 Season 2. As noted by someone on the GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit, the timing is a little off for Final Fantasy. 

They wrote, "If the FF7 collab is true I wonder why never did it before Rebirth came out. Feels like it made more sense if it came out weeks/month before its release instead of afterwards." We know Rebirth only landed a few weeks before Chapter 5 Season 2 but we don't even know if the season would launch with Final Fantasy. 

Added to this, Final Fantasy is such a goliath of the gaming scene that we'd expect more than just Cloud and Aerith skins with a Chocobo glider. Like the TMNT, Star Wars, and Dragon Ball special battle passes, Final Fantasy deserves a substantial crossover with new weapons, enemies, and special skins.

Hopefully, Cloud and co. are ready to finally make their mark on the Fortnite map. After all, who wouldn't want to try and recreate THAT iconic Aerith moment by emoting over their downed enemies as Sephiroth? 

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