Doja Cat goes on X-rated rant about Fortnite

Doja Cat goes on X-rated rant about Fortnite
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17th May 2024 11:22

With Epic Games' Fortnite being one of the biggest titles around, it's no surprise that the Hollywood glitterati is partial to jumping off the Battle Bus and trying to secure the dub at Reckless Railways. Everyone from Drake to Joe Jonas has been known to dive into a game, while there are also plenty of celebrity skins. 

After the likes of Ariana Grande and Travis Scott had their own in-game concerts, Fortnite Festival has kickstarted a whole new type of Fortnite experience with The Weeknd, Lady Gaga, and Billie Eilish. However, it seems there's one musical legend who's not so happy with the current state of play.

Doja Cat launches X-rated Fortnite rant

Despite having her music honoured in several emotes - and seemingly having one censored - Doja Cat clearly has some beef with Fortnite. Taking to X (formerly Twitter), the "Paint the Town Red" singer launched a foul-mouthed tirade against Epic Games.

It seems her main grumble is the Chains of Hades, which have been accused of being OP among the rest of Chapter 5 Season 3's mythological Epic weapons. The artist raged, "If you're horrible and garbage at Fortnite make sure you grab a Chain of Hades whip to pass the time. Dumb c****."

In the now-deleted post, Doja Cat continued, "If Fortnite knew what was good for them they'd get rid of the Chain of Hades." Although that's since been deleted, Doja Cat was clearly on one because some of her ranting remains up. 

She also put waterbending in her sights and fumed, "Water bending is a f*****g crutch you are not good at the game because of water bending, I would become severely depressed if i had to rely on any of these stupid non fucking weapons."

The devs have listened

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The whole situation has gone viral for its sheer hilarity, still, it would be unfair to call Doja Cat a Fortnite hater - more a concerned player. It seems she's fine with some of Chapter 5 Season 3's weapons, with the Wings of Icarus and Zeus' Thunderbolt escaping her wrath. 

In another twist, Doja Cat might have more power than we thought because someone at Epic Games has clearly been listening. While it's not directly linked, it's hilarious to think that Doja Cat led to Fortnite vaulting its Chains of Hades on May 15. 

Taking no prisoners, Doja even fired a shot at one fan who said the Chains of Hades are their favourite weapon, with the rapper concluding, "Because you're terrible." We're not sure where this outburst against the Chains of Hades came from, but at least we can't accuse Doja Cat of not being a passionate player. 

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