Here’s why Peter Griffin is ripped in Fortnite

Here’s why Peter Griffin is ripped in Fortnite
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Tom Chapman


4th Dec 2023 11:01

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, for Fortnite, and as we jump into Chapter 5 Season 1, it really does feel like a whole new game. We got a blast from the past as Chapter 4 Season 5 brought back the OG map, and while it was fun to revisit some old haunts, we were eager to check out the Chapter 5 overhaul.

There's a lot to take in, and whether it's hijacking the train, modding your weapons, or racing around in the Grandeur Trailsmasher, it'll take a while to get used to everything that's new. As with every season, there's a new Battle Pass to chip through. Sitting pretty near the top is Family Guy's Peter Griffin, but it looks like he's been working out.

Why is Peter Griffin ripped in Fortnite?

The usually portly Mr Griffin has seemingly been hitting the gym ahead of jumping off the Battle Bus, but with the likes of Jonesy and Meowscles to take on, we don't blame him. Fortnite isn't restricted to hitboxes like Apex Legends, meaning there's no in-game reason for why we haven't got a classic Peter Griffin skin.

A new Family Guy animation shows how Peter got buff, with Peter taking a physical exam with Meowscles. He fails the physical, and instead of taking the advice from a book called "How To Get Swole in 30 Days," downs some expired Slurp Juice. Voila, Peter gets his swole form.

The appearance of buff Peter echoes the way he looked in Family Guy Season 2's "He's Too Sexy for His Fat." Here, Griffin got liposuction but doesn't stay buff for long - crashing into a vat of lard. Fortnite loves to play with its lore, and now, Swole Peter is part of its canon. 

Peter Griffin has an amazing Fortnite death animation

Fortnite has wasted no time leaning into the fun of Family Guy, and with the show currently in its 22nd season, there are plenty of jokes to pull from. Peter comes with a host of items, including a Surfin' Bird emote and the beloved Petercopter.

Our favourite comes when you hunt down the Peter Griffin boss at Snooty Steppes. Wearing a gold suit, he isn't exactly hard to miss. If you take him down, Peter will perform his iconic/infuriating hurt knee animation from the series. As well as dropping a Mythic Hammer Pump Shotgun, defeated Peter will give you a Medallion.

It feels like Epic Games promises each Chapter of Fortnite will be bigger and better, but this time, the battle royale favourite has really pulled it off. Alongside new LEGO and racing modes, the classic Fortnite has been given a much-needed facelift. All we need now is a Family Guy-inspired Kool-Aid Man skin. 

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