Fortnite players just listed the biggest flexes of the game, and getting a crown win is only number three

Fortnite players just listed the biggest flexes of the game, and getting a crown win is only number three
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4th Jun 2024 12:24

When it comes to flexing your gaming muscles, few games do it like Fortnite. Being the last one standing in something like Warzone and Apex Legends is all well and good, but the colourful aesthetic and crossover chaos of Fortnite is a completely different experience.

There's nothing quite like jumping off the Battle Bus, landing at Grand Glacier, and securing the dub. Apparently, the glint of a golden Victory Royale crown isn't the biggest flex you can have, but an interesting Reddit thread highlights the ultimate flex you're gunning for on the battlefield.

Fortnite fans reveal their biggest flex

Sure, getting a Victory Crown is all well and good, but does it compete with getting that once-in-a-lifetime kill while dressed as the ultra-rare Aerial Assault Trooper? Giving us various options like owning the Renegade Raider skin, there's also getting a Mini Reward Llama from Save the World, and a Platinum PlayStation trophy.

At the end of the day, Victory Crowns are relatively easy to earn and even easier to lose. How many times have we got one, only to be taken out by some sharp-shooting sniper in the next round? 

Responding to the thread, one fan wrote, "You're insane for putting a crown next to the 3 most desirable things the game ever offered 😭." As someone rightly pointed out, "Mega nerds like to show off the number of crown wins they have. I just kind of put it there because of that." 

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There were plenty of other suggestions, as one added, "I'd say the Galaxy skin. You had to buy a $1000 phone to get it." Another said, "FNCS Pickaxe," and someone rightly summarised, "Friends to play with. Everything else is secondary."

Someone claimed Golden Peely from reaching Level 300 in Chapter 2 Season 2 is the ultimate flex, while there's also a lot to be said for owning the Founder's Pack. So, next time you're out there and thinking you've got the ultimate flex because of a virtual crown on your head, you might want to think again. 

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