Fortnite fans already have a problem with the new Magneto skin

Fortnite fans already have a problem with the new Magneto skin
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24th May 2024 09:58

The dawn of a new era is here for Fortnite, and while we're not quite facing a full island reset like the start of a chapter, Chapter 5 Season 3 feels like it'll be a very different game. Going with the subtitle of 'Wrecked', the battle royale behemoth is about to become a bit of a bloodbath.

Going hard on the apocalyptic theming, Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 is really embracing the crossover chaos - leaning into Mad Max, Fallout, and even X-Men. We haven't even started Season 3 yet, but there are already whispers about a Marvel-themed Chapter 5 Season 4. Well, good job we've got Magneto to cue it. 

Fortnite fans love Magneto...but he comes with a catch

The Master of Magnetism is here, and after jumping back into the mainstream with the X-Men '97 revival, we're glad to see Magneto back in action in a new form. While we're disappointed the likes of Rogue and Beast aren't here, Wastelander Magneto more than makes up for it.

Unfortunately, Magnus is locked behind the season's Battle Pass, meaning you'll have to stump up for him. Given that skins cost a pretty penny anyway, you were always going to have to pay something. Still, putting him at a presumably high tier of the Battle Pass (or as a secret skin) makes him hard for some to obtain.

Over on X (formerly Twitter), fans asked Epic to stop making its snazziest skins Battle Pass exclusives because those who find the game later can't obtain them. One disgruntled gamer wrote, "I stopped playing during the Marvel season and regret it so much. I didn’t get pretty much all the skins. I think I have Groot, Thor, and She-Hulk."

Someone else suggested, "The battlepasses with collabs are what entice new players to begin with. Personally if I were Epic I'd offer everyone (and all future players) ONE battlepass of their choice from past Fortnite seasons. So if there's a collab you absolutely cannot live without you can have it."

Don't expect your Power Armor LEGO

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Another gripe of the Battle Pass is that the much-hyped Fallout Power Armor skin also isn't coming to LEGO Fortnite. While we're sad to say we think the blocky survival mode has dropped off a bit since launch, there are some of you who love having your LEGO Loki, LEGO Leia, and LEGO Leonardo run around.

We know that LEGO is particularly picky about what brand it collabs with, as the Danish toy brand has to be careful about promoting 'violent' IPs. Fallout isn't exactly a family-friendly affair, and like there's no LEGO Xenomorph skin (sigh), the Power Armor is left locked out in the Wasteland. 

With all the other Battle Pass skins for Chapter 5 Season 3 getting LEGO variants, it's just a little more obvious that the Power Armor is MIA. As for your moaning about Magneto, we guess you're going to have to start grinding. Either way, he's an X-cellent addition to Fortnite. 

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