Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3's rumoured Marvel collab could be its biggest yet

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3's rumoured Marvel collab could be its biggest yet
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20th May 2024 11:46

They say that four heads are better than one, and with the Fantastic Four set to make their debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it looks like everyone wants a piece of Marvel's First Family. Fortnite is known for its Marvel crossovers, but now, could it be cashing in on the Fantastic Four?

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 is racing into view with a Mad Max-themed apocalypse, and with the subtitle of "Wrecked", we're ready to drive into action with some vehicular mayhem. It might not sound like the typical place to find the Fantastic Four, but rumours claim the beloved quartet is on the way. 

Fortnite could be adding the Fantastic Four in Chapter 5 Season 3

According to trusted leaker HYPEX, the full Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 trailer will reveal the Fantastic Four. Most excitingly, it could lead to an in-season mini-event that might lead to a Marvel-themed Chapter 5 Season 4. Yes, we know Fortnite loves its Marvel seasons, and we could be primed for another.

HYPEX originally said we were simply getting more Marvel skins in Chapter 5 Season 3, but when asked to elaborate, they said it would either be Deadpool or the Fantastic Four. As there's apparently a Fantastic Four comic book placeholder for Chapter 5 Season 4, it all comes together nicely. 

Although we had the Spider-Man theming of Chapter 3, Season 1, it was a far cry from the Marvel madness of Chapter 2, Season 4. Nexus War is largely held as one of the game's best seasons, featuring everyone from Wolverine to Doctor Doom, leading to the record-breaking Galactus event. 

What a 'fantastic' idea

Fantastic Four artwork for the MCU
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Image via Disney

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With Matt Shakman's Fantastic Four coming to the MCU in 2025, timing couldn't be better for a Fortnite collab. Deadpool & Wolverine's presumed box office domination would also be lucrative, however, we've seen that dynamic duo in Fortnite before.

Others are psyched for the Fantastic Four's potential arrival. On the GamingLeakandRumours subreddit, one fan cheered, "I think a Thing skin would be the only skin that could make me switch off Rick Grimes," while another added, "Fantastic Four hype is real." 

A third concluded, "It's a real smart move from Disney. I’m not sure if younger kids these days would even know about the Fantastic Four. Put them in Fortnite and boom they’ve got that exposure now." If the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles got their own mini pass, we'd be more than happy to shell out for the Fantastic Four in Fortnite.

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