Fortnite fans claim fan-favourite weapon is ‘killing’ Chapter 5 Season 3

Fortnite fans claim fan-favourite weapon is ‘killing’ Chapter 5 Season 3
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7th Jun 2024 11:21

We're dancing to the Wasteland's music in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3, and it's all a bit mad (Max) as we mow down our enemies in souped-up vehicles of murder and mayhem. While we were originally sceptical about the idea of an apocalyptic season, Epic Games came racing into action with Wrecked. 

As with any season of Fortnite, there are a few teething problems, with the addition of modded cars originally being too OP. Feeling more like a game of deadly Rocket League than the core Fortnite experience, how many of us lost out on a Victory Crown thanks to the final circle being turned into a Death Race-inspired showdown of vehicles?

Fortnite fans demand Boogie Bomb nerfs

Epic listened to the feedback and hit vehicles with a significant nerf to ensure we're back to using our guns, however, there's a new problem out there in the Wasteland. One of the season's most unexpected additions was the return of the Boogie Bomb - unvaulted for the first time since Chapter Season 5's OG season. 

Over on the Fortnite subreddit u/Upright1337 said the Boogie Bomb meta is "killing" the season. For those who don't know, throwing a Boogie Bomb at a vehicle causes the driver to be ejected from it and you likely losing your wheels. Worse than this, the passengers are also chucked out and left dancing while vulnerable.

As several in the thread agree, the point of having vehicles is to make things more high-octane. Yes, we know they're frustrating, but tossing an entire squad out and having them easily picked off, thanks to a Boogie Bomb, is clearly a problem. 

The other problem is that you can hold up to 20 Boogie Bombs, meaning the average vehicle squad doesn't stand a chance. Coming up with a solution, one critic said, "I think they're only temporary, next update should replace them with EMPs."

Another raged, "Boogie bombs have no place in zero builds mode. If the opponent is moderately good, it’s essentially an automatic loss if you get hit by one. And no it isn’t a skill issue." Someone else concluded, "I dont know how they made something more annoying than cars, it's actually wild." 

Given the Boogie backlash, we don't see how the devs won't balance them in the next update, although we're sure there will be a new complaint. Seeing how quickly the criticisms of OP vehicles were tackled, we hopefully won't be dancing our way back to the lobby for too much longer.

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