FIFA 23 Is Getting A Marvel Crossover

FIFA 23 Is Getting A Marvel Crossover
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Joseph Kime


16th Aug 2022 10:11

Of all the games on the market that are up for a good crossover, you wouldn't expect FIFA to be getting involved with the collab chaos.  There's nothing stopping EA from going nuts with them, but the gameplay of the football sim doesn't exactly lend itself well to being a promotional tool for anything that isn't a football club.

But, crossovers have become the new meta for success in the gaming industry. You only have to look at the incredible business structure that has led Fortnite to the very top of the cultural pile for many years now. And now, FIFA's getting in on the action with a Marvel crossover - but not in the way you'd think.

What Is The FIFA And Marvel Crossover?

As revealed by EA today (August 16), a brand-new promotion with Marvel is promoting the upcoming game with a charming nod to the game's "Heroes". Although you should've expect to see Lionel Messi or Kylian Mbappé taking on the Mad Titan Thanos, this is a crossover that's sure to have the dollar signs ringing in EA's eyes. 

"Recognising their memorable careers for club and country, each FIFA World Cup FUT Hero will receive a special illustrated FUT item at the launch of the World Cup game mode, with base versions of FUT Heroes being available at launch of FIFA 23," reads the announcement.

"The collaboration will include other vanity items related to the fan favourite heroes being immortalized as Marvel inspired Heroes including tifos, kits, balls and more." But that's not all that the collaboration will be doing to pay tribute to its heroes.


FIFA Shares Illustrations Of Its Heroes

FIFA has shared some of the illustrations it intends to roll out when the World Cup mode lands, starting with a Marvel-style reimagining of Landon Donovan, before rattling through players like Yaya Touré and Park Ji-Sung.

It's a charming crossover, and one that doesn't tick the traditional boxes of video game collaborations. It's creative and sweet, and doesn't encroach on FIFA's gameplay. Here's hoping more games follow suit with collaborations like this - but then again, it would have been fun to play kickabout with Iron Man. Just saying.

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