FIFA 23 Hero Pack Error Wipes Millions Off The Virtual Market

FIFA 23 Hero Pack Error Wipes Millions Off The Virtual Market
Images via EA Sports

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Joseph Kime


10th Oct 2022 10:25

For many, FIFA is defined by its microtransactions. The communities built around YouTubers opening packs of players has grown massively over the last decade, with shouty men passing the baton to a new league of shouty men that act as though they've won the lottery. 

Many FIFA fans follow suit, and it could be argued that the game's real money is made in its packs - but EA has made a massive pack blunder that has rubbed a lot of players the wrong way.

What Was The FIFA 23 Hero Pack Error? 

FIFA has positively whiffed it over the weekend, as it offered a FIFA 23 Hero Pack so lucrative, that it has made much of its online store redundant for many players.

In a new YouTube video, FIFA content creator NickRTFM explains why the recent Hero Pack available on the store for only an hour has made a massive impact on the in-game store.

The pack was only 25k coins, and though it wasn't up for long, players spammed the life out of it. With every pack guaranteeing an incredibly high-level card, it has given fans many useful cards that have subsequently tanked in value on the in-game market.


Fans React To The Tanking Heroes In FIFA

With FIFA 23 in chaos right now, fans have taken to Twitter to discuss the collapse of the FIFA market, and how ridiculous the whole blunder has been. One fumed, "That is an utter shambles @EAFIFADIRECT you have killed the prices of all heroes and killed the market. FIFA 23 is dead after one week." It's rightly been called the worst thing to ever happen to the franchise.


Others raged that those who missed it should be entitled to some sort of confirmation. Either way, EA was slammed for its handling of the entire situation. If you want to get some money back though, we imagine the FIFA devs are a little busy trying to stabilise the market right now. The mess has been quite dramatic, and a huge misstep for FIFA. Nothing like a strong start, eh?

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