FIFA 23 Cross-Play Could Finally Be On The Way

FIFA 23 Cross-Play Could Finally Be On The Way
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Joseph Kime


1st Mar 2022 16:26

For some time, cross-play has been the norm. Thank goodness for that. For so long we've suffered having to pick up the same console as our mates. We were cursed to the potential of being stuck with not being able to play the exclusives we wanted on PlayStation because our friends were all playing Call of Duty on Xbox and we caved to the common pick-up. 


But, since Rocket League took the plunge and kicked off cross-play good and proper, other games have followed suit, meaning the clash of the consoles for casual players has been all but wiped out. And now, another gaming franchise is joining in with cross-play, and it's one with enough influence to make the practice an industry standard.

Will FIFA 23 Have Cross-Play?

According to a new report from Xfire, it looks like the FIFA franchise of games will be allowing users on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC to play together for the first time. Better yet, this could start from this year's upcoming FIFA 23.

It's a feature that has been requested for an incredibly long time, and it genuinely has the chance to change the way that video games are consumed by the typical gamer. But, that's not all.

FIFA 23 Will Feature Women's World Cup And New Animations

FIFA Cross-Play 2023
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Along with this news comes the revelation that FIFA 23 will supposedly feature the Women's World Cup alongside the Men's, as well as featuring a new Hypermotion Technology that has been upgraded to a degree that means it's able to capture animations from real footballers in their matches.


The tech allows for "over 100 times more" data to be collected from a single season of football, and supposedly makes the upcoming title one of the most heavily animated FIFA games. Yet, there's still a chance that the FIFA brand could be completely done away with, with, team members at EA suggesting that the branding from a single company has impeded the franchise's presentations and possibilities.

The future of FIFA very much seems to be here, though it may not fall directly under the FIFA branding soon. The games may be gearing up to make a bold step, and with cross-play coming to the football title, fans could finally choose the console they really want. It's been a long time coming - but we're glad it's finally here.


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