EA FIFA Split Reportedly Led To 100 Job Losses

EA FIFA Split Reportedly Led To 100 Job Losses
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20th May 2022 09:30

Well, FIFA's back. Except, it kind of… isn't. The game itself is, as ever, set to return in its annual instalments. However, from next year, things are going to be a little different - it's rebranding to EA Sports FC.

This is a pretty futile attempt to detach from FIFA as a company and reclaim some identity, even though it's likely to remain known as FIFA in every setting but EA's board meetings. It's a big step for the series to make, especially as one of the best selling franchises in UK history. But, sadly, it has come with some friendly fire.

Why Have EA Staff Been Laid Off By The FIFA Rebrand?

EA FIFA Split Reportedly Led To 100 Job Losses
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According to some internal emails shared around Electronic Arts (via Kotaku) the gaming company is looking at sacking a huge amount of FIFA's team to accommodate for new changes made for the upcoming rebrand.

Sources familiar with the decision suggest that up to 100 staff members could end up losing their jobs as a result of this fallout, as the teams for EA Sports FC are set to be divvied up. The staff in question are apparently on the team for the live operations - who are in danger of losing their jobs as EA moves to outsource its online upkeep work.

EA Has Reportedly Been Treating Live Operations Staff Poorly

It doesn't quite end here, though - this news of "proposed redundancy" as suggested by Customer Experience VP Joel Knutson in an email to staff comes after claims the team on the chopping block haven't been getting enough in the workplace.


A source told Kotaku that the workers set to be laid off are those who helped customers who had troubles with microtransactions, and they've been complaining about insufficient annual raises amounting to as little as an extra $0.10 hourly. EA continues to make hand over fist.

It's deeply upsetting to see that so many hard-working team members who helped to maintain the FIFA experience could lose their jobs in a cost-cutting effort from EA. Especially as it's one of the wealthiest companies in the gaming space. Hope the rebrand was worth it, EA!


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