EA silently raises FIFA Point prices ahead of EA Sports FC

EA silently raises FIFA Point prices ahead of EA Sports FC
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Tom Chapman


1st Jun 2023 11:46

It's (foot)balls to the wall, as EA Sports prepares to rebrand the long-running FIFA series as EA Sports FC. For The first time since 1993, we won't have a FIFA game in 2023 - well, not in a traditional sense.

There are worries that EA Sports FC could lose out on some dollar, simply because players won't realise it's the same old FIFA with a new name. Seemingly worried it'll be hit in the pocket, EA Sports is already clawing back some cash by silently raising the prices of FIFA points.

EA Sports silently raises the price of FIFA Points

As shared on Twitter by @DonkTrading, EA Sports FC has silently raised the price of FIFA Points. It's not the biggest hike in the world - and will likely go under the radar for many - but it's enough to rattle some angry gamers.

It seems to be affecting the lower end of the scale the most, which could make the most coin because it's largely where we're spending our money. Previously, 100 FIFA Points would cost just 79p, meaning they're facing a 20p increase, while 1050 FIFA Points will cost £1 more.

The previous FIFA Point prices in FIFA 23 are as follows:

100 FIFA Points - £0.79
500 FIFA Points - £3.99
1050 FIFA Points - £7.99
1600 FIFA Points - £11.99
2800 FIFA Points - £21.99
5900 FIFA Points - £44.99
12000 FIFA Points - £79.99

As you can imagine, the news hasn't gone down well on Twitter. One disgruntled FIFA fan grumbled, "As if they aren't making enough. Another added, "Pack prices go up, pack weight goes down. EA sports, it's in the game," and a third said, "What an awful game, doesn’t care about any of the community."

Someone else concluded, "I don't buy them never have but for those that do hopefully this opens your eyes to how much EA are only after fleecing you. There is no reason to increase the price other than to squeeze money from those that are addicted to buying them."

EA Sports FC promises FIFA Point overhaul

This could be a last-ditch attempt to make some bank before the franchise is shifted over to EA Sports FC. lt will be interesting to see whether this increased pricing structure is a testing ground that will migrate to EA Sports FC or is just a temporary thing. We guess it will be the latter.

In May, a leaked screenshot from @FIFAUTeam showed a pretty uniform rebrand of FIFA Ultimate Team as "Football Ultimate Team" and FIFA Points as "FC Points." It's a clever way to keep FIFA Ultimate Team as "FUT" while fitting the new game. Either way, we'll likely be paying more for our FC Points when EA Sports FC hits the pitch.

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