FIFA 23 Cover Star Rumoured To Be Female Player, Sam Kerr

FIFA 23 Cover Star Rumoured To Be Female Player, Sam Kerr
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Joseph Kime


15th Jul 2022 09:27

EA's FIFA series is set to undergo a lot of changes in the near future. It's all a bit scary for long-term fans, but it's happening anyway. The publisher didn't seem too happy with the prospect of continuing under the name of FIFA, so next year, the series will make the transition from the branding that has defined it into a new era, as EA Sports FC.

Still, EA has found the opportunity to keep the football simulator going without having to rely on its huge payouts to FIFA. Then again, it's concerning all the same because the branding change could pose a big risk to the recognisability of the series. And as it turns out, this may not be the only big change to the series.

Who Is On The FIFA 23 Cover?

The stars of the FIFA 23 cover art appear to have been leaked, and it marks a huge shift for the inclusivity of the series. If the leak is to be trusted, the series could be boasting a female football player on its cover art. Adding to the importance of this, it would be the first time a woman has made the worldwide cover in its long history.

A new leak from the reputable insider DonkTrading has suggested that the cover stars of FIFA 23 will be Mbappe, who plays for PSG, and Australian player Sam Kerr, Chelsea F.C. Women's forward. We have reached out to EA for comment, but at the time of publishing, we haven't received one.

It's about time a woman made it to the worldwide cover art, as the last time a woman appeared on any FIFA cover was Alex Morgan and Christine Sinclair's appearance on regional covers for FIFA 16. This is, however, the first time a female cover star has gone global, meaning it's a very exciting prospect indeed.


What Have Fans Said About The FIFA 23 Cover?

If this leak is to be believed, it means that the cover of FIFA 23 is going to rustle some feathers. Beyond the obvious bigotry that's already rearing its head in the face of a woman making it to the cover of the game, a lot of football fans are still confused by Mbappe's current contract.

Many think the sportsman's contract gives him much too powerful a figure in PSG. Plus, as he's been on the cover of the games since FIFA 21, players are hoping that someone else could hopefully take his place. Either way, the FIFA 23 cover is a huge deal, especially as this is set to be the last game in the series before it becomes EA Sports FC. It looks like the FIFA name is going out with a bang.

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