Dr DisRespect Unveils His Rogue Company Map, 'The Arena'

 Dr DisRespect Unveils His Rogue Company Map, 'The Arena'

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Tom Chapman


18th Aug 2020 13:22

The man behind the mullet might be banned from Twitch, but that hasn't stopped Dr DisRespect from keeping himself busy designing levels for Rogue Company. Although Hi-Rez Studios' game has only just landed in closed beta, the devs are already hard at work making sure the free-to-play title has plenty to offer.

Dr DisRespect was set the bizarre challenge of designing his own Rogue Company level after admitting he was a fan. Less than 24 hours later, the Doc turned in his 2D level design for "The Arena". Now, he's back with another update and a pretty impressive 3D rendering of what players can expect.

Sharing his final design, Dr DisRespect asked, "Do we have a deal?". So, what's "The Arena" all about? Dr DisRespect showed off a summery design that wouldn't look out of place in Miami Vice. There's a large outdoor space, leading up to the Champion's Club Arena and several rooms inside. As well as plenty of places to duck behind, there's cover from palm trees - adding to the summery look.

Discussing "The Arena", Dr DisRespect said, "I just wonder if it's going to be too small, you know? The intention was to make it small, the action's a lot faster, in terms of committing to a lane - boom, you're in it. The decision-making is a lot faster, there's no waiting around, that's the goal anyway.

"It's just like boom, it kinda throws you in, and you're in it. But at the same time, there's still three lanes, lots of dead space in the design which in the design allows separation of combat spaces, rather than getting shot from across an entire lane from the other side. We'll see what they think". 

Let's remember that Dr DisRespect is no stranger to level design and previously worked on multiplayer maps for the likes of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.


Dr DisRespect
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Dr DisRespect didn't have to wait long to find out what the devs thought of "The Arena". Someone quickly responded, "No one does it better Doc, this map is already looking like the peak of the mountain and we aren’t even halfway done. You wrote the book on Violence, Speed, and Momentum and The Arena brings it". 

Rogue Company currently has eight maps, meaning the Two-Time's would be No. 9. The maps are:



High Castle






Hi-Rez's 2020 Roadmap already confirmed "Vice" was coming to Rogue Company, meaning Dr DisRespect will have to wait until the dust has settled on the latest addition before he can unveil "The Arena" in all its playable glory. By the looks of it, he's definitely living up to his mantra of violence, speed, and momentum ahead of the release of his memoir - the appropriately titled Violence. Speed. Momentum.

Images via Hi-Rez Studios

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