Dr Disrespect Reveals Why He Was Banned From Warzone 2.0

Dr Disrespect Reveals Why He Was Banned From Warzone 2.0
Images via Dr Disrespect | Activision

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Tarran Stockton


2nd Dec 2022 10:49

Herschel "Dr Disrespect" Beahm IV is a popular streamer known for his abrasive and loud personality, meaning his recent ban from Warzone 2 wasn't much of a surprise. And he's now revealed what he did exactly to earn himself some time on the naughty step. 

Dr Disrespect Tells All About His Warzone 2 Ban

During a recent livestream, Dr Disrespect addressed the ban he received on his main Warzone 2 account. While he was playing the game on alt, he spoke to chat saying, "I should probably chill on this account champs… they banned my other one for seven days for proximity chat use". He then clarified what exactly got him banned after another viewer asked about it, essentially revealing that it was due to calling another player a "p*ssy". 

Later on in the stream, after encountering some other players abusing proximity chat, he claimed the developers were "making an example" out of him, claiming to have "seen way f*cking worse" from others. 

Considering he's still playing the game during the stream where he addresses this, he obviously is allowed to play on other accounts, and he even notes that he'll take it easier to not get banned again. This is hardly his first rodeo though.

Has Dr Disrespect Been Banned Before?

This isn't close to being Dr Disrespect's first high-profile ban, and though he's made his home on YouTube, it wasn't by choice. Back in June 2020, his entire channel was removed from Twitch and permanently banned, in what became the most controversial ban in Twitch history. 

Even over two years later and after a lengthy legal dispute between both parties which resulted in neither accepting wrongdoing, we don't know exactly what caused him to be banned. To this day, Twitch simply claims he "acted in violation of the community guidelines", without specifying what he did. 

We may never know the whole truth of the situation, and both parties have moved past it, but it seems Doc still can't help from getting banned from time to time. 

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