Dr Disrespect’s move to Kick could be just over the horizon

Dr Disrespect’s move to Kick could be just over the horizon
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Tom Chapman


26th Jun 2023 12:29

Twitch and YouTube are facing a 'kick' up the backside, as Kick is quickly becoming the go-to service for all your content creation needs. Just days after Felix "xQc" Lengyel and Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa have found a new home, Kick could be setting its sights on Herschel "Dr Disrespect" Beahm IV.

As streamers go, they don't come much bigger than Dr Disrespect, and while we'll likely never get to the bottom of his fallout with Twitch, his lucrative partnership with YouTube could be coming to an abrupt end. The Two-Time still carries a lot of weight, and nabbing him would be a big deal for Kick.

Could Dr Disrespect move to Kick?



In an interview with Jake Lucky, Kick CEO Eddie was directly asked whether the service was going to sign Dr Disrespect. Explaining he's a massive fan of Dr Disrespect, Eddie said Kick is "talking with [Doc's] team" about getting him on board.

Gushing about Dr Disrespect, Eddie added, "Listen… Dr Disrespect… I've personally been a massive fan of for the longest. I've been a massive fan of many streamers, to be honest." So, it looks like Dr Disrespect's reputation precedes him. 

It doesn't sound like a deal is set in stone yet, but talking to Disrespect's team suggests that both sides could be interested in a change of scenery. Whether that's a full-blown deal that would take Doc away from YouTube, or allow him to juggle both like xQc and Twitch, it's huge news for the gaming world. 

While Amouranth won't disclose the details of her deal, xQc bagged a whopping $100 million to join the ranks of Kick. As word of Doc's potential arrival started doing the rounds, he Tweeted a demand for $50 million. Given his standing in the community, it's not too hard to see this one sailing through.

Kick teases Hasbulla collaboration



The Kick stories don't end there, with popular internet sensation Hasbulla also poised for a partnership. A parody account for the TikTok star joked about Kick stumping up a hefty $25 million to nab him, which prompted a cryptic handshake emoji from the Kick Twitter account.

This is far from confirmation that Hasbulla will be joining the platform, however, as that specific account claims to work for his official team, there could be more to this. 

Kick is making waves at the moment, as with Eddie saying, "We want to work with everyone," it doesn't sound like anyone is off the table - well, unless it's Imane "Pokimane" Anys. With Eddie promising he'll give streamers "what they're worth," we hope Kick has some deep pockets. 

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