Censor flamed for favoring Simp and aBeZy over Scump in all-time GOAT list

Censor flamed for favoring Simp and aBeZy over Scump in all-time GOAT list
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Jack Marsh


9th Mar 2023 12:03

Call of Duty's own muscleman Doug "Censor" Martin was quite the force in the esports scene, but the only thing he's flexing as of late are horrendous takes on the greatest-of-all-time race. 

The former Major champion and FaZe Clan player now operates under the Boston Breach banner in the academy lineup but remains one of the most-followed players in the scene.

However, he might just have lost some loyal stans, as the ever-vocal pro has just slandered the legacy of Seth "Scump" Abmer, shortly after his retirement.

Censor claims Simp and aBeZy have surpassed Scump in Call of Duty greats list

Now that Scump has retired, Censor has claimed that the second-most-successful player of all time has fallen to seventh on the CoD greats list, with Atlanta FaZe duo Chris "Simp" Lehr and Tyler "aBeZy" Pharris now moving ahead of him.

The case must only be based on World Championship rings, given that Scump's only downfall was hoisting the Champs trophy once, although over a decade's worth of Major championship wins appears to have been discounted. 

Previously, James "Clayster" Eubanks - Censor's third-placed player - claimed that Simp would one day be the greatest of all time, matching Crimsix. 

Censor slammed for Scump comments in greatest of all time debate

"No Scump [in the top five] is crazy," said Dillon "Attach" Price, with Brandon "Dashy" Otell adding, "Nah this is crazy".

Censor even doubled down on his take. "The King. The face of the game. Individually one of the best slayers ever. Seventh," he claimed.

"Scump at #7 might actually be illegal," added one fan, which was also followed by the usual "f-you Doug" meme in his mentions.

Despite winning championships on a record ten different titles across his esteemed career, Scump's placement was belittled by the addition of Patrick "Aches" Price too.

One thing is unanimous though: Crimsix will be remembered as the best, and even Scump has now admitted that his former teammate and rival has claimed this accolade.

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