Moist Cr1tikal Slams 'Cringe' Warzone Hackusations And Proposal Against Nadia

Moist Cr1tikal Slams 'Cringe' Warzone Hackusations And Proposal Against Nadia
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Jack Marsh


4th Oct 2022 15:18

A small bubble of accusations have rippled throughout the greater gaming universe. Stemming from Call of Duty: Warzone, a viral YouTube folly has gathered the attention of the biggest streamers in the world, and the likes of Ludwig Ahgren and Charlie "MoistCr1TiKal" White are less than impressed at the feeble "clout chase".

Doug "Censor" Martin, a former Call of Duty professional and major champion, claimed to have concrete proof that the ever-growing Nadia "Nadia" Amine was cheating in the battle royale, something that she's been heavily accused of and has now built a brand around.

However, the grand reveal of this 'evidence' turned out to be a folly, and now popular figures like MoistCr1TiKal have come out and branded the content as "cringe" and a sad attempt to show off his pull-ups.

Nadia and Censor Warzone Drama Explained

Censor entered the crossfire of many people over the last week, having taken to social media to claim that he had proof of cheaters, possibly including Nadia (the fastest-growing content creator in Call of Duty and the wider Twitchverse). Having successfully called out some Vanguard Ranked players for having downloaded hacks, Censor then set his eyes on Nadia and Warzone.

However, the software that revealed the previous hackers, hosted by a mysterious "X" alias, didn't work on Warzone, and after calling out Nadia on Twitter, Censor was left with no evidence and egg on his face. But if that wasn't enough, instead of an apology, Censor took to YouTube to fall on his sword, eventually proposing to the Warzone streamer.


"I am so happy I like girls," was Nadia's response, clearly not entertaining Censor's proposal. Nadia has since gone on to become the third-most-watched Warzone streamer in September, and Censor has faced backlash from huge community figures.

MoistCr1TiKal Rips Into Censor Following Nadia Hackusation And Proposal

Having taken issue with Censor's content, MoistCr1tiKal then took to YouTube himself to voice his opinions on the matter, calling him a clown.

"I'm not a huge fan of Call of Duty, but I am a big fan of clowns," Charlie began. "Doug kinda hyped himself as the authority to bring down judgment once and for all. Unfortunately, he posted turbo cringe on main."

"It would have been less reputationally damaging if he posted his own sex tape on his channel, would have been a lot less embarrassing," he continued. Ludwig Ahgren also echoed this response, albeit in a nicer manner, defending Nadia and claiming that this outburst from Censor was harmful to his brand in the long run.

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