Battlefield 3 Reality Mod Is Better Than All Of Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 3 Reality Mod Is Better Than All Of Battlefield 2042
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Joseph Kime


12th Jul 2022 09:48

A lot of Battlefield fans have given up entirely on Battlefield 2042. And frankly, it's hard to fault them for it. The catastrophic release of the game has pushed players away with its buggy and unfinished modes. While EA does its very best to keep Battlefield 2042 active and rope players back into the battle, fans know better than to trust it.

Some haven't dropped the franchise entirely and have returned to the likes of Battlefield 1 & V to satiate their clamouring for realistic warfare. And realism is definitely the kicker, as one mod for Battlefield 3 attempts to push it further than ever.

What Is The Battlefield 3 Reality Mod?

A new mod has finally arrived for Battlefield 3, which introduces a wealth of new features that make the battles of the game feel more realistic than we've ever seen in the franchise. For many, it's realism that draws players to Battlefield rather than Call of Duty, so this mod is bound to be a treat.

The Battlefield 3 Reality Mod just had its gameplay and first look revealed, and the mod's latest addition puts a new focus on truly playing as a squad and using teamwork to topple objectives.

The roadmap of the mod has revealed everything that comes packaged in at launch. It features a lot of tweaks to make things a little more real - a custom spawn system, new pacing for movement and handling speed, a custom UI, two custom factions and 9 pre-fixed kits, along with five modified and expanded maps from the core game.


What Else Is Coming To Battlefield 3's Reality Mod?

It doesn't end here, as Battlefield 3 reality mod plans on expanding into the future, with hopes to make it even bigger and even better. The next step in the mod's life is dubbed "Version 0.1+" in the roadmap - intending to bring new resource mechanics, custom maps, more playable vehicles and air units, a commander role, and even a new map editor so that players can develop their own tactical experiences.

The Battlefield 3 reality mod is already pretty expansive, and is no doubt going to keep players busy in place of Battlefield 2042. Still, we're warned that DICE has abandoned all other IPs to focus on Battlefield (for better or worse). Sorry EA, but once again, the fans are showing you how it's done.

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