Star Wars Battlefront 3' Cancelled' Because Of Battlefield

Star Wars Battlefront 3' Cancelled' Because Of Battlefield

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Katey Roberts


22nd Nov 2021 16:02

Unfortunately for Star Wars fans, there’s only enough room in EA’s heart for another Battlefield title at the moment - meaning that any plans for Star Wars: Battlefront 3 have reportedly been well and truly thrown out of the window. 

Battlefield 2042 may have only been out for just under a week at the time of writing, but it hasn’t stopped rumours circulating that there’s already another Battlefield title in the pipeline. According to popular leaker Tom Henderson, DICE is once again taking control of the rumoured project - but at what cost?

Star Wars: Battlefront 3: What's Going On?

According to rumours, Star Wars: Battlefront was due to be the next title pitched by developer DICE, but following the success of Battlefield 2042, EA reportedly shut down the potential Star Wars game due to "licensing costs". 

One developer was even reportedly quoted stating the cost of acquiring the Star Wars license means it can take 20% more sales to make the same money as Battlefield. This obviously makes it a no-brainer in their eyes.

Henderson also claimed it would be unlikely that a new Battlefront would take place as many of the key developers who worked on the previous titles have since left DICE, including Battlefront 2’s Creative Director Dennis Bränvall and Core Gameplay Designer Christian Johannése.

Star Wars Battlefront 3: Will It Ever Arrive? 

Just as easy as EA can hold on to one project to send forward another, gaming news and rumours can change too - so while it seems that this time around the publisher has decided against a Star Wars title, the game isn’t completely out of the question. There are other rumours that at least two Star Wars projects on the way from EA - we just don't know what. 

It's not that Star Wars Battlefront 2 didn't make a small Death Star of money. The game was a massive hit at launch, and although it threw EA into that whole microtransaction drama, it was still a unified success for the publisher. Star Wars games are everywhere right now, and with everyone asking for another Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, there are still a lot of us demanding Star Wars Battlefront 3. The Force is strong in this one.


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