It Looks Like Battlefield 2042 Is Going Free-To-Play

It Looks Like Battlefield 2042 Is Going Free-To-Play
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Joseph Kime


21st Jan 2022 11:29

Battlefield 2042 has struggled pretty immensely. Its launch was met with confusion and frustration from fans, as the game's missing features and bugs came together in a grim cocktail that proved the title simply wasn't ready for launch despite its date's pushback.

The series shooter was an immense disappointment for many, with a lot of fans feeling Battlefield 2042 doesn't come close to the AAA price tag it was sold for. That's one problem that could be put to bed, because apparently, internal conversations at EA and DICE indicate that a free-to-play version of the game could be on the cards.

Is Battlefield 2042 Going Free-To-Play?

As it turns out, the first months of Battlefield 2042 may have been so rough that the teams behind it is considering doing away with the price tag entirely.

Industry insider Tom Henderson has suggested that DICE and Electronic Arts are currently considering a litany of ways to engage current and new players. Supposedly, they're including the potential of free-to-play in their discussions.

If EA is as disappointed as Henderson claims, free-to-play is one way to try and lure players old and new back to the Battlefield battlefield. With him saying there's an update on the way, we probably won't have long to wait. This is an interesting strategy that's been put on the table at EA, as the game's budget was massive - but if it goes through, it could pay off massively.

Will Battlefield 2042 Go Free-To-Play?

While the suggestion floats around, it's going to take a lot of deliberation to convince EA to move away from the money that Battlefield 2042 can make through traditional game sales - but then again, sales have slowed to such a degree that eventually, it could be the only option to keep the game alive.

Of course, anything could happen, but it's not like EA to throw money away like that. They could yet surprise us - but we'll have to wait and see. Plus, at the end of the day, if the game's failures persist, players might not even bother to touch it... even when they can do so free of charge.


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