Where are the Korok Seeds in the Great Sky Island in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Where are the Korok Seeds in the Great Sky Island in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
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24th May 2023 16:00

Finding each location for the Great Sky Island Korok Seeds in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is going to take a while, and some of them are particularly well hidden.

Not only are the Korok Seeds in the game tough to find, but the puzzles attached to them are also a challenge. So in this guide, we will outline where you can find the Korok Seeds as well as how you can solve the puzzle. If you don't want too many spoilers, then we have a table of just the coordinates at the top of the guide so you can tackle the puzzle without any help. 

Korok Seed coordinates in the Great Sky Island

Korok Seeds in Zelda TotK
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We have numbered the Korok Seeds in the order you're likely to come across them organically. Here are each of their co-ordinates below. 

Korok Seed 

Korok Seed 1 0058, -1506, 1396

Korok Seed 2

0452, -1534, 1359

Korok Seed 3

0439, -1785, 1446

Korok Seed 4

0550, -1583, 1482

How to find all the Korok Seeds in the Great Sky Island

Screenshot of the first Great Sky Island Korok Seed location in TOTK
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Great Island Korok Seed 1

  • You will need to help a backpack Korok reach its friend in a different location in order to get the seed reward.
  • The first step you will need to take to get this Korok Seed is using Ultrahand to attach three logs together, and then attach a giant hook to those three logs.
  • Then, attach the stranded Korok to your log/hook platform and place it on the nearby rail. Make sure to quickly jump on the platform before it rides away to slide down with the backpack Korok towards its friend.
  • All you need to do now is detach the Korok from the log platform and place them near the friend, and then speak to either.

You will be rewarded with two Korok Seeds for completing this task.

Great Island Korok Seed 2

Screenshot of the second Great Sky Island Korok Seed location in TOTK
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  • If you head to the coordinates above you should be able to see a bunch of boulders embedded into the floor.
  • Use any destructive weapon that you have, like a boulder sword or even a bomb arrow, and dispatch them to reveal a hole in the floor.
  • Head down that hole and you should be able to see a floating balloon to the left. Shoot this balloon with an arrow to reveal a hidden Korok.

This particular Korok challenge will only give you one Korok Seed.

Great Island Korok Seed 3

Screenshot of the third Great Sky Island Korok Seed location in TOTK
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  • This is once again an instance where you need to help a stranded Korok reach their friend, only this time you'll be travelling by mine cart.
  • Use Ultrahand to place one of the mine carts upon the track, and then place the stranded Korok inside of the cart.
  • Next, find a Zonai fan nearby and place it on the back of the cart, then hop inside and hit the fan to start the ride.
  • All you'll need to do now is detach the Korok from the cart and place it near its friend, and then talk to either to complete the puzzle.

You'll receive two Korok Seeds as a reward for this, which will really help when it comes round to upgrading with Hestu.

Great Island Korok Seed 4

Screenshot of the fourth Great Sky Island Korok Seed location in TOTK
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  • For this one, you'll need to use Ultrahand on the blocks that are left out and rotate them until they fit within the space of the giant cube. This is perhaps the most straightforward out of the lot and is easy to do once you get the right placement.
  • You might need to perform Ultrahand from a certain angle to get the rotations to move correctly, as the angle at which you approach the item does affect how it turns.
  • Once you slot the piece in though a Korok should appear, granting you one Korok Seed to take on your travels.

So, that wraps up this guide on the Great Sky Island Korok Seed locations in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, letting you know exactly where you'll need to head to pick up the hidden items.

If you're looking for more Zelda content though, make sure to check out our dedicated game page for more news and guides.

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