How To Get Pointed Scale In Wild Hearts

How To Get Pointed Scale In Wild Hearts
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20th Feb 2023 12:29

Pointed Scale is a crafting material in Wild Hearts that players need for crafting certain weapons and armor in the game. To be more specific, when you complete Wild Hearts first Chapter, you can craft Intoxicating Birch weapons at the Blacksmith using Pointed Scale and a few other items. 

This brings us to our guide on how to get Pointed Scales in Wild Hearts. If you are looking for a Pointed Scale farming location, we have some best ones for you that you can access right after completing Chapter 1. 

How To Get Pointed Scale In Wild Hearts

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In Wild Hearts, you can get Pointed Scales as a drop loot from Nightshade Monitors, one of the many Small Kemono in the game whom you can kill quickly using a few strikes.

To get Pointed Scales, you must complete the first Chapter, "Azuma, Land of the East." Then make your way to the Akikure Canyon during Chapter 2 to find Nightshade Monitors.

Once you arrive at Akikure Canyon, make your way towards the Last Bastion Ruins to find quite a few Nightshade Monitors to farm Pointed Scales. Other than that, the Six Paths Lagoon is also a great location where Nightshade Monitors spawn.

For your reference, we have highlighted the areas in the below map screenshot where Nightshade Monitors spawn in the Akikure Canyon:

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Also, remember that the mobs and enemies in Wild Hearts spawn after some time. So, you can grind Nightshade Monitors at the said locations to get a ton of Pointed Scales. 

To make things easier, you can place a camp near the Nightshade Monitors spawn location to farm them whenever you want. Putting a Camp will cost Earth energy, so make sure you have unlocked and upgraded nearby Dragon Pits.

That concludes our guide on how to get Pointed Scales in Wild Hearts. For more on Wild Hearts, keep reading GGRecon. 

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