Is Wild Hearts Playable On Steam Deck? All We Know So Far

Is Wild Hearts Playable On Steam Deck? All We Know So Far
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Lloyd Coombes


6th Feb 2023 20:15

Wild Hearts is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S & X, and PC via multiple storefronts on February 16, but many have wondered if it’ll be coming to the Steam Deck.

The miniature, handheld PC platform was a breakout hit in 2022, with Valve finally catching up to back-orders toward the end of the year. That means more gamers than ever are taking their PC game library with them, and many have wondered if they can do the same with Omega Force and EA’s new hunting game.

Here’s everything we know about Wild Hearts on Steam Deck.

Is Wild Hearts Playable on Steam Deck?

Screenshot from Wild Hearts showing a fight in an icy scene
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Wild Hearts is giving the Steam Deck a frosty reception - for now.

If you’re anything like us, your Steam Deck is a permanent fixture in your gaming life, and with Monster Hunter Rise being excellent on the system, many had hoped Wild Hearts would follow suit.

After all, both are similar titles, offering co-op monster-slaying action that’d be perfect for being on the go.

Sadly, though, Wild Hearts will not be playable on Steam Deck - at least at launch, but that could happen in the future.

In a Reddit AMA, Wild Hearts' Executive Producer Lewis Harvey explained that it’s something he’s hoping for, too.

“The game won’t be supported on the Steam Deck at launch. I have one though [a Steam Deck] and want this as much as you! Hopefully we can get to this in the future.”

That certainly leaves the door open, and with Omega Force planning post-launch content there’s every chance it could happen before we know it.

For more on Wild Hearts, be sure to check out all we know about crossplay and cross-progression, as well as whether it’s coming to Xbox Game Pass and how to get early access.

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