Wild Hearts Kingtusk Guide: Weaknesses & How To Beat

Wild Hearts Kingtusk Guide: Weaknesses & How To Beat
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Lloyd Coombes


13th Feb 2023 22:03

Wild Hearts is full of deadly Kemono (trust us, we made a list), but if you’ve come up against the Kingtusk in the game’s early hours you’ll know it represents a significant difficulty spike over the prior Ragetail and Sapscourge encounters.

This huge, boar-like creature is the biggest foe you’ll have faced up to this point in Wild Hearts, and its sheer size means it’s worth considering a change of approach.

Here’s how to beat the Kingtusk Kemono in Wild Hearts.

What Is The Kingtusk In Wild Hearts?

The Kingtusk is the third monster you’ll fight in Wild Hearts, and is the final battle before you reach the game’s town hub, Minoto.

Wild Heart’s Kingtusk is considerably larger than the earliest monsters and is the first two-star rated hunt.

How To Beat The Kingtusk In Wild Hearts

Here are a few hints to help you take down the Kingtusk:

Use the Bulwark

Bulwark Karakuri in Wild Hearts
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The Bulwark is key to defeating the Kingtusk

Karakuri are invaluable against the Kingtusk, particularly the Bulwark. To craft it, build two columns of three crates next to each other and then stand behind it.

It can deflect attacks, but the big move you’re looking for is the Kingtusk’s charge. If it charges into the Bulwark, it can become stunned and be thrown into the air, landing on its back and rolling around for a follow-up attack.

If you do manage to knock it down, craft three springs on top of each other to unleash the Pounder for a ton of damage in one hit - you can keep wailing on it with your standard weapons, too.

Stay Mobile

It’s an obvious suggestion, but since the Kingtusk can wipe out your health in a couple of good hits, you’ll want to keep moving.

Build some springs and crates so you can always get around, and look for opportunities to use aerial attacks.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Two hunters in Wild Hearts
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If you're really struggling, don't forget you're not alone - enlist other hunters to help take down the Kingtusk. Check out our guide to multiplayer for more on playing with friends and other players online.

Don’t Get Too Close

While the temptation is to get in close, try not to get caught up underneath the Kingtusk’s feet.

Doing so can get you trampled, or attacked by its vines. We’d recommend darting in, doing some damage, and then getting out again – use the springs and crates we mentioned earlier.

You can also use ranged weapons if you'd prefer, but you may find it takes longer to chip away at the monster's health.

Watch Out For The Enraged State

Once you’ve done significant damage, the Kingtusk will get mad and start leaning more on its vine attacks, while also charging more often.

Again, stick to the Bulwark where possible, and engage in short bursts to avoid being caught out.

Wild Hearts Kingtusk Weaknesses

The Kingtusk is weak to fire attacks, so consider crafting a torch when you encounter them later in the game to help chip away at its health more quickly.

That's our advice on how to beat the Kingtusk in Wild Hearts. For more on the game, check out all we know about a potential Steam Deck release, as well as all the information about crossplay and cross-progression.

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