Wild Hearts Karakuri: All Types & Karakuri Thread Explained

Wild Hearts Karakuri: All Types & Karakuri Thread Explained
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13th Feb 2023 15:00

Wild Hearts may look like a pretty straightforward Monster Hunter clone, but it offers plenty of its own ideas, too.

One of these is Karakuri, which are a series of tools that can be crafted while on a hunt to get the upper hand on your Kemono opponents. These require Karakuri thread to use, but are worth seeking it out for, since they can turn the tide of battle, particularly against big beasts like the Kingtusk.

Here’s every Karakuri in Wild Hearts, including how to use them.

How Many Karakuri Are There In Wild Hearts?

There are sixteen different Karakuri types (seventeen, including the Training Bear) in Wild Hearts, and they’re split into the following types:

  • Basic Karakuri: These Karakuri, as the name suggests, are simple constructions with one main purpose. For example, the Crate Karakuri can help you reach previously inaccessible areas. Basic Karakuri are mainly focused on traversal and combat.
  • Fusion Karakuri: Fusion Karakuri are Basic Karakuri that are combined for new effects, such as the Bulwark – a series of Crate Karakuris combined to form a wall to prevent charging Kemono.
  • Dragon Karakuri: Dragon Karakuri affect the world around the hunter. Players must clear Dragon Pits to unlock Celestial Thread to power these huge tools.

All Karakuri In Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts Roller Karakuri
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As per the game’s site, here’s the full list of all Wild Hearts Karakuri types.

Basic Karakuri:


Quite literally the basic building block of the Karakuri, this allows Hunters to reach higher ground or drop down onto a Kemono.


Springs are ideal for more horizontal movement, and can improve dodges.


The torch adds fire damage properties to a weapon, but is also invaluable in caves and other dark areas.


The Glider lets hunters stay airborne for longer. This is ideal for getting the literal drop on a Kemono.

Celestial Anchor

Useful for traversal and for flinging yourself at a Kemono for a surprise attack, the Celestial Anchor is impressively flexible.

Fusion Karakuri:


Wild Hearts Pounder Karakuri aiming at a Kemono
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Capable of inflicting stun damage, the Pounder is an almost comically large blunt weapon that deals significant damage, too.

Star Bomb

Star Bombs can affect hunters and Kemonos, and take time to detonate, so be wary of the timer. They can be destroyed with damage, though, so you can target them from a distance with the right weapon.

Repeater Crossbow

This rapid-fire crossbow can be invaluable against flying targets and can be used as a distraction if you need an opening - or a chance to heal.

Chain Trap

An immobilising trap that restricts a Kemono’s movement, the Chain Trap becomes less powerful with each use as Kemono adjust to how to escape it.

Celestial Cannon

A cannon capable of stunning opponents, the Celestial Cannon can deal huge damage if you can adjust to its aiming.


A wall-like Karakuri, the Bulwark is one of the earliest Fusion Karakuri introduced in the game and can stop a rampaging Kemono in its tracks by blocking a charge attack.

Dragon Karakuri

Flying Vine

A Karakuri that lets players move upward and downward with ease, the Flying Vine is ideal for returning to the hunt once you’ve been knocked out.

Hunting Tower

Wild Hearts Hunting Tower Karakuri
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The Hunting Tower takes much of the guesswork out of hunting by highlighting your target monster in the vicinity.

Wind Vortex

Wind Vortexes, combined with the Glider mentioned earlier, will help players move quickly and silently through Azuma to surprise Kemono with an aerial attack.


The roller is a traversal vehicle that can be used to deal damage to Kemono if the user jumps out in time.

Paddle Scoop

The Paddle Scoop will continually run and catch fish that offer various bonuses throughout Azuma when eaten.

Training Bear

The Training Bear Karakuri is an ideal way to practice with a new weapon.

What Are Karakuri In Wild Hearts?

Wild Hearts Karakuri gadget on a Hunter's arm
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Karakuri are ancient forms of technology that have not been seen in Azuma for years and are presumed lost to time. Players can wield this long-forgotten gear to get the edge in hunting the game’s Kemono.

Karakuri Thread Explained

Players use Karakuri Thread to create the various contraptions listed here, and can locate stockpiles of it within trees and rock piles using their Hunter Vision.

Your total Thread is noted at the bottom of your screen.

For more on Wild Hearts, be sure to check out all we know about crossplay and cross-progression, and every Kemono in the game.

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