Wild Hearts Kemono List: All Monster Types, Variants & DLC Kemono

Wild Hearts Kemono List: All Monster Types, Variants & DLC Kemono
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19th Jun 2023 11:04

Wild Hearts is a gorgeous game, and that's apparent most in the design of its incredible monsters, the Kemono.

Kemono are huge beasts in Wild Hearts that have become one with the environment around them, often taking the form of a traditional animal that's grown in size and fused with flora and fauna. Take the Ragetail, for example, which is a rat-like creature with a flower growing out of its head.

There are plenty of Kemono to tackle on your travels across Azuma, and there's a chance there will be more added post-launch. Here's our full list of the Kemono in Wild Hearts, and we'll update this as we find more or developer Omega Force adds new variants.

Note: Consider this a spoiler warning for Kemono in Wild Hearts - if you want to leave some as a surprise, turn away.

How Many Kemono Monsters Are There In Wild Hearts?

There are 21 Kemono in Wild Hearts, and they range in difficulty as players progress, with a star rating for each.

Here's the full list of Kemono in Wild Hearts.

All Kemono In Wild Hearts

EA's official site reveals the following Kemono - check out their descriptions below.

Golden Tempest

Wild Hearts Golden Tempest Kemono
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"Far in the north, it's said there is a mysterious place known as the Golden Sea, where sand stretches to the horizon in every direction. In truth, this is the territory of the Aragane, or Golden Tempest, where fools go in search of gold, never to return. Yes, this beast is the embodiment of the wind, which blows some to riches and others to death."


Wild Hearts Ragetail Kemono
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"A dangerous beast that will attack smaller Kemono or humans without discrimination. The Hanayadoshi, or Ragetail, is a voracious eater and permanently hungry despite consuming vast amounts of food compared to its size. This may be due to nutrition being diverted by the fruit-like growth at the tip of its tail. It tends to ignore everything else when it's pursuing a meal, but if angered, it will abandon the chase and attack."


Wild Hearts Sapscourge Kemono
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"The Kohakunushi, or Sapscourge, produces substances very similar to pollen and sap from its craggy skin and shaggy fur, both of which have a distinctly woody appearance. However, the Kemono appears ill-equipped to deal with its own physiology, sneezing at the pollen it sheds and accidentally covering its prey in sap time after time, before clumsily attempting to wash it off."


Wild Hearts Kingtusk Kemono
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"The largest and most terrifying of the Kemono that tend to appear around human settlements, the Yama'ugachi has developed multiple eyes so prey can't slip away—though it tends to keep most of them shut, relying instead on its sense of smell. Should something invade its territory, however, the giant boar opens all its eyes in a flash, sending menacing glares in every direction. Its massive, trunk-like teeth that earn it the name “Kingtusk” can, and will, rip through almost anything."

The Kingtusk is a tough Kemono to fight in Wild Hearts. Here's our guide to tackling it. 


Wild Hearts Lavaback Kemono
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"Ask a group of hunters what their most feared Kemono would be, and the answers will be many and varied. But ask what the most odious Kemono would be, and the response will be almost unanimous: the Jigokuzaru, or lavaback. Its cunning, its dexterous use of its volcanic body, and the way it sometimes seems to sneer at humankind have all earned it that grim reputation."


Wild Hearts Deathstalker Kemono
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"From every inch of its sickly sleek form, the Rasetsu, or Deathstalker, emits a relentless icy chill. Where no water graces the land, this Kemono can conjure giant lumps of ice, from which it creates beautiful demarcations of its territory, known to hunters as “icecastles.” It hunts in a pack when necessary, bringing down prey with terrifying speed. But it has equally terrifying strength, all too evident in one-on-one combat with other Kemono. Yes, long has this beast been the hunter's bane."


Wild Hearts Amaterasu Kemono
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"With its vast wingspan, vivid, sun-soaked plumage, and majestic flight, Amaterasu has captured imaginations for centuries. It's little wonder that the bird has been worshipped as a kami of the heavens since the days of yore. Yet for some mysterious reason, all those places where it has been revered—from a tiny hamlet to vast nation—seem to have fallen hastily into ruin, and no records remain to tell more of the hallowed Kemono."


Wild Hearts Goldshard Kemono
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"Many Kemono exhibit idiosyncratic behaviour, but that of the Koganebari, or Goldshard, has an amusing twist. Though its body is covered with exceptionally hard, protective spines, when the beast spots prey, it ejects its spines as projectiles to incapacitate its target. It can be seen going too far, however, sometimes losing all its spines and then running around in a blind panic with completely bare skin."


Wild Hearts Spineglider Kemono
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"A flying Kemono that rapidly generates rock from a liquid it secretes, which solidifies into a hard mineral mass. Its territory is easily identified by the disorderly mass of stony pillars surrounding it, bearing a remarkable resemblance to stalagmites. The Tsunobashiri, or Spineglider, is fiercely protective of this territory, and extremely aggressive to intruders. It will swoop down silently from the shadows of its stony pillars on anything it perceives as a threat."


Wild Hearts Earthbreaker Kemono
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"A fabled Kemono, said to rip the earth asunder and swallow whole mountains as it lumbers onward. Under the weight of its gargantuan frame, far greater than that of any other Kemono, the landscape creaks and groans. Legend has it that when the world was created, the land was flat like the ocean, until Kunin'arashi, or Earthbreakers, marched far and wide, carving valleys and forcing great peaks high into the sky."


Wild Hearts Dreadclaw Kemono
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"Cockerels are known for their dawn crowing, but this Kemono cousin has a squall so shrill, it shakes the leaves from the trees. In fact, the cry of the hot-headed himetosaka, or Dreadclaw, traverses hill and dale, to be heard by the inhabitants of distant villages. Even at that range, the din can destroy old farmhouses—reason enough to want to hunt the beast."


Wild Hearts Gritdog Kemono
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"The Sunatsuzumi, or Gritdog, is furnished with naturally magnetic lodestones, through which it controls complex magnetic fields to manipulate ironsand into curious shapes that are found dotted across its territory. These eerie, almost Karakuri-like structures give a chilling insight into the beast's intelligence."


Wild Hearts Fumebeak Kemono
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"The Kuromatoi, or Fumebeak, is a grim bird that bathes its prey in a toxic miasma and is shrewd
enough to pick out and target the weak. However, it would seem that it's not immune to its own
pernicious emissions, at times appearing to writhe and convulse in pain. Many Kemono conquers their
environment by learning to command nature's power, but in this case, it would seem nature still has the upper hand."


Wild Hearts Emberplume Kemono
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"A legendary Kemono born of fire and nurtured by flame, Shiranui, or the Emberplume, is said to hail
from a volcanic habitat far in the west where it scorched all around to ash. Some profess its flames purge evil, and glorify the bird as a paragon of exorcism, whilst others claim it is a harbinger of destruction that will turn fields to flame, stock to cinders, and dwellings to dust."

Celestial Dragon

The final boss of Wild Hearts, the Celestial Dragon is located on the top of the Sacred Mountain, and moves between electricity, wild, fire, earth and winter attacks and elemental properties -- making it unique among the Wild Hearts Kemono roster.

Wild Hearts DLC Kemono


Wild Hearts Murakumo Kemono
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Murakamo arrived on April 6, and is a fox-type Kemono that can manipulate petals into weapons. As per a blog post:

"This Kemono's plethora of petal-manipulating attacks are a real menace. It courses through the air on platforms made of sakura blossoms. Which, in turn, makes counterattacking tricky. When enraged, the vulpine beast unleashes a thunderous tornado that could easily leave you unconscious. Hunters would be wise to employ a Spinning Top Karakuri to fight against the beast."

Check it out in action below:

Deathhaze Gloombeak

Deathhaze Gloombeak Wild Hearts Kemono
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The Deathhaze Gloombeak joined the Wild Hearts Kemono list on April 20, and can be found in Akikure Canyon.

Slaying the Deathhaze Gloombeak awards players the title of Deathhaze Exorciser, and its talisman offers a skill called Toxic Shock.

Variant Kemono in Wild Hearts

The following Kemono in Wild Hearts offer new abilities and attacks, often with different elemental affinities from their base versions.

  • Sporetail (Ragetail variant)
  • Icetusk (Kingtusk variant)
  • Cobalt Lavaback (Lavaback variant)
  • Ripclaw (Dreadclaw variant)
  • Onyxshard (Goldshard variant)
  • Venomglider (Spineglider variant)
  • Pearlbeak (Fumebeak variant)
  • Alpha Sapscourge (Sapscourge variant)
  • Alpha Venomglider (Venomglider variant)

For more on Wild Hearts, be sure to check out all we know about crossplay and cross-progression, and every Karakuri tool in the game.

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