How To Unlock And Use The Claw Blade In Wild Hearts

How To Unlock And Use The Claw Blade In Wild Hearts
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20th Feb 2023 12:17

Ever wanted to roleplay Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan in a Monster Hunter-like game? Well! With Wild Hearts, you can fulfill your dream using the Claw Blade. If you are new to the game, the Claw Blade is a mid-range high-mobility weapon player can use in Wild Hearts to grapple onto Kemono and unleash a flurry of aerial attacks while performing aerial maneuvers.

Among the eight different weapons Wild Hearts has to offer, the Claw Blade is one of the best ones that many players want to use. Since it is not available to craft from the get-go and there is no quest where players can find the Claw Blade as a reward, unlocking it may prove daunting. 

Keep reading our guide as we explain the criteria you need to fulfill to unlock the Claw Blade in Wild Hearts while briefly talking about how you can use it and learn its movesets.

How To Unlock And Use The Claw Blade In Wild Hearts

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You can unlock the Claw Blade in Wild Hearts by completing Chapter One, "Azuma, Land of the East." Once you do that, you can make your way to Natsume's shop in Minato and talk to her.

Choose the first option, "Have a weapon forged," to open the weapon crafting menu. Granted, you have the required materials; you can craft the Claw Blade. 

Once the Claw Blade is crafted, you can equip it via the "Change Equipment" menu. After that, you can use it as any other weapon. To learn the Claw Blade movesets, we recommend you find a dummy bear and start training.

The training will teach you every move you can perform using the Claw Blade. That aside, if you are still in Chapter 1, here are the different Kemono you must hunt down as a part of the main story to reach Chapter 2 and get access to the Claw Blade:

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  • Unlock Minato Village by defeating Kingtusk. 
  • Defeat Spineglider
  • Defeat Lavaback 
  • Defeat Gritdog
  • Defeat the Earthshaker

Once that is done, a festival sequence will play out. Enjoy the cutscene, and as soon as it ends, speak to Natsume to unlock the Claw Blade.

That concludes our guide on how to get Pointed Scales in Wild Hearts. For more on Wild Hearts, keep reading GGRecon. 

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