How to change your appearance in Wild Hearts

How to change your appearance in Wild Hearts
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20th Feb 2023 12:10

Most modern RPGs, including Wild Hearts, now allow players to change their character's appearance even after character creation. When you hop into Wild Hearts, in the first few minutes you will meet a mysterious person called Mujina. It's with her that you can interact to enter the character creation menu.

While Wild Hearts offers an intricate character creator where you can change almost every aspect of your character, players may get bored with their design or want to try a new look later in the game. Keep reading our guide that talks about the exact item you can use to change your appearance while explaining its unlock criteria.

How do you change your appearance?

In Wild Hearts, you can change your character's appearance using the Looking Glass Dragon Karakuri, which has a Dragon Pit Cost of 15 water energy.

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Unlike most Dragon Karakuris in the game that you can place anywhere, the Looking Glass can only be placed in Minato Village. We recommend you put it in your home.

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Once you have placed the Looking Glass Dragon Karakuri in Wild Hearts, go near it to get the option that says "Look Through." Press the respective interact button depending on your platform:

  • PlayStation users must hold the L2 button
  • Xbox users must hold the LT button
  • PC users must hold E key 

Doing so will open a new menu with the following options:

  • Change appearance 
  • Change name 
  • Cancel

Select the "Change appearance" option to enter the character creation menu, where you can recreate different aspects of your character.

How to unlock Looking Glass in Wild Hearts

You can unlock the Looking Glass Dragon Karakuri using 1500 Dragon Orbs. To become eligible for the said Karakuri, you must unlock any one of the following:

  • Water Toter skill
  • Healing Mist: Enlargement skill
  • Chain Trap

The above-listed skill and Karakuri are in the lower half of the Karakuri Tree, and you must unlock a chain of skills and Karakuris to reach it.

In short, you have to grind a lot of Kemono and keep unlocking new stuff in the Karakuri tree to unlock the Looking Glass eventually. 

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