Is Wild Hearts On Xbox Game Pass On Console Or PC?

Is Wild Hearts On Xbox Game Pass On Console Or PC?
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Lloyd Coombes


6th Feb 2023 19:58

Wild Hearts is another big release in a packed February, and it’s bringing co-op action to the fore with hunts against huge behemoths called Kemono.

Players can team up with up to two other friends across platforms, but what better way to get more players through the door? Xbox Game Pass has seen Monster Hunter Rise gain plenty of new hunters in the last few weeks – could it do the same for Wild Hearts?

Here’s everything we know about Wild Hearts on Xbox Game Pass.

Will Wild Hearts Be On Xbox Game Pass?

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There’s good news and bad news, and we’ll start with the latter.

Wild Hearts will launch on PC, Xbox Series S and Series X (it’s not coming to the Xbox One), but it won’t be arriving on day one with Xbox Game Pass. That’s a shame, but not unexpected – after all, Monster Hunter Rise actually launched in 2021 on the Switch, then came to PC in 2022, and then finally came to Xbox (and PlayStation) in 2023, whereas Wild Hearts is a brand new launch.

Don’t throw away your Karakuri Katana just yet, though, because the game will get an EA Play trial which means you can play a chunk of the game. Even better, you can do so starting on February 13 (that’s three days before launch), and the game’s website explains you can play “up to the gates of Minato” as part of the ten-hour free trial.

If you weren’t aware, EA Play is included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, so if you have the combined membership for console and PC, you can jump right in. That means that while Wild Hearts isn’t on Xbox Game Pass, you can still sample the action game regardless if you’re an Ultimate subscriber.

Want to know what is on Xbox Game Pass in February? Check out our full rundown, as well as everything we know about Wild Hearts on Steam Deck and its release timing.

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