What Is The Bloodhunt Inner Circle?

What Is The Bloodhunt Inner Circle?
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10th May 2022 16:31

If you're looking to make content for Bloodhunt, you may be wondering what the Inner Circle is and how it works for the players. Bloodhunt is a recently released battle royale title that's set in the World of Darkness, letting players take on roles as different vampire clans and battle it out across modern Prague. So if you are enjoying the vampiric twist to the genre, check out what the Bloodhunt Inner Circle is. 

What Is The Bloodhunt Inner Circle?

What Is The Bloodhunt Inner Circle?
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Essentially, the Inner Circle is Bloodhunt's version of a content creator program, allowing streamers, video creators, and other active members of the community to earn rewards and gain access to exclusive content. The official FAQ on the Sharkmob website describes it as providing "ongoing opportunities for content creators to engage their community by creating Bloodhunt content." 

The Inner Circle comes with different ranks that more active and bigger members of the community can climb to, and while anyone who creates any form of content can gain the Fledging rank, you have to meet certain criteria before climbing higher. 

The Neonate rank is the next one up and requires the following before a content creator can earn it:

  • Be an active and positive presence in the Bloodhunt community. You are someone who fosters a welcoming, inclusive environment for new or returning players;
  • Demonstrate a commitment to diversity, professionalism, and camaraderie;
  • Follow the Bloodhunt Inner Circle Terms and Conditions, Code of Conduct, and Fan Content Policy. You should not promote or encourage violations of these policies at any time;
  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Have a minimum of 100 followers or subscribers on Twitch, Facebook Gaming, or YouTube, and produce engaging Bloodhunt content;
  • Have a minimum of 20 average viewers on stream during the last 30 days or exclusively create Bloodhunt content;
  • Stream 8 hours or produce 3 videos of high-quality Bloodhunt content within any given 30-day period;
  • To use the hashtags #bloodhunt #BHinnercircle when posting Bloodhunt content.

The next rank is Ancilla, and requires creators to have 100 plus viewers consistently, while the highest rank is Elder, and can be gained once you have 1000 plus average viewers. 


Once you are part of the Bloodhunt Inner Circle, you may wonder what kind of rewards you can gain. As a member, you will be given sponsored challenges to take part in, which give you daily, weekly, and monthly rewards. These rewards can come in the form of in-game items like cosmetics, exclusive content, and giveaways for your community. There are also benefits like being added to the Twitch Bloodhunt stream team, and gaining the role of creator in the game's Discord server. 

To join the Inner Circle, you will first need to join the Bloodhunt Discord and claim a creator role to join up as a Fledgling. From there you will be given access to a channel where you can see the information for improving your Inner Circle rank, and gaining the exclusive rewards for creators. 

That's all for our guide on the Bloodhunt Inner Circle, and now you know what the game's content creator program is, what rewards it contains, and how to join it.

We also have a breakdown of the upcoming Bloodhunt Ranked Mode so you can learn how the systems works and what ranks will be available. 


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