Bloodhunt Ranked Mode Explained

Bloodhunt Ranked Mode Explained
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5th May 2022 16:53

The Bloodhunt Ranked Mode lets players test their mettle against the best players by competing for ranks based on performance. Bloodhunt is the latest battle royale to hit the market, letting players fight across the streets of Prague as vampires with special powers. So for a full breakdown of the Bloodhunt Ranked Mode, including the individual ranks and rewards you can gain, we've got you covered. 

Bloodhunt Ranked Mode Release Date

Bloodhunt Ranked Mode Release Date
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The Bloodhunt Ranked Mode wasn't part of the game's launch back in April, but it was finally released back on May 6, meaning players can now jump in for the battle royale action. 

  • We also have a primer on the Bloodhunt quests, which allow you to complete missions during multiplayer games for extra XP.

Bloodhunt Ranked Mode Explained

Bloodhunt Ranked Mode
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The Ranked Mode functions very similarly to the competitive modes of other contemporary titles, pitting you against players with the same skill level and letting you fight it out to earn ranks based on your performances.

It features the same rule set as the standard battle royale mode, so you won't need to make massive changes to your gameplay or relearn different aspects. Ranked Mode is also restricted to players who have reached level ten, so that the amount of cheating that takes place is reduced. 

When playing the mode, players earn Ranked Points (RP) which is based on their kills and overall placement in matches. There is more weight behind kills though, so you are encouraged to really orient your playstyle around dealing death to the other players. Below is a table created by the developers that breaks down the point distribution. 

Bloodhunt Ranked Mode point distribution
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As you continue to gain RP, you'll earn yourself one of six ranks which are displayed next to your in-game avatar. These are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Obsidian. This rank cannot be lost though, so the challenge will always be to climb even higher, rather than worry about keeping what you have.


Another interesting twist to the Ranked Mode is that there is a match fee that you have to pay from your RP when entering a match. This is free as you begin to play the mode, but as you improve your rank, the match fee increases. Below are the different ranks you can earn, along with the RP you'll need, and the match fee cost.

Bloodhunt Ranked Mode ranks
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Bloodhunt Ranked Rewards

Bloodhunt Ranked Mode Rewards
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There are also a number of Bloodhunt Ranked rewards for players to earn throughout the season. Every time you reach a new rank, you will earn three cosmetic rewards that progress in rarity as you climb higher. This means you can earn a total of 18 rewards if you reach the Obsidian rank before July 14

The rewards that you can gain will only be granted once the season ends on July 14. To see the progress you have made with the Bloodhunt Ranked rewards, switch to a Ranked game in the main lobby and navigate to the reward's menu.

That's all for our primer on the Bloodhunt Ranked Mode, and now you have an idea of when it will release, how the system works, and the ranks you can earn. 

If you're wondering how the Bloodhunt crossplay system works, check out our full explanation. 


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