Is Bloodhunt Crossplay?

Is Bloodhunt Crossplay?
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12th May 2022 12:55

Many players may wonder is Bloodhunt crossplay? The feature has become increasingly more common in multiplayer titles that release onto multiple platforms, so it seems like a no-brainer. Vampire the Masquerade - Bloodhunt is the latest title in the arena of battle royale games. Set in the World of Darkness, it sees clans of vampires take to the streets of Prague for a Bloodhunt, letting you choose a class from various vampire clans to fight the other kindred taking part. So for a breakdown of the question - is Bloodhunt crossplay? - read on. 

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Bloodhunt Crossplay: Is Bloodhunt Crossplay?

Bloodhunt Crossplay
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Bloodhunt does have a crossplay system that allows for both PC and PlayStation 5 users to play with each other, but it does seem a bit simple currently. By default, all versions of the game have crossplay enabled, so you don't need to mess with any settings upon your first time booting it up, which is good for players who have friends on a different platform. However, only the PS5 version allows for crossplay to be disabled, meaning PC users are forced to play against, or team up with the console playerbase. 

This is a good thing in terms of the game's population, and it will mean that players shouldn't have trouble getting into a game, but it's a disappointment for mouse and keyboard users who don't want to face off with controller players that have aim assist. The developers have commented on how the balance between both playerbases will pan out, as they believe the changes they have made to gamepad support should even out the differences between both methods of control. 


There is also no form of cross-progression, and even though you can use the same account on both platforms, the progress will not carry over and you will have to level up separately. There is no word on whether the developers plan to implement this feature, or make changes to how crossplay works, but we will update this guide if anything changes down the line. 

That's all for our primer, and now you know the answer to the question - is Bloodhunt crossplay?

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